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name: ophelia marie nicoli nicknames: phee, phelia, lia age: 13-17 (the majority of rps im as 14 tho) dob: november 22 pob: edinbourgh england year: 3-7 blood: pure (i dont really care tho) house: slytherin hair: like a wheat blonde? idk its just like an ashy gold if that makes sense. I always wear it in like a braid crown or milkmaid braids or whatever theyre called. eyes: light green skin: pale height: 5'2 likes: music, song writing, being alone, rock bands, concerts, salads, dogs, and books dislikes: meat, bullying, and the majority of the slytherins (ngl i really dont understand why im slytherin) family: idk anything about them. I was taken from them when i was 3 and abused until i was 7 (were not going into details cause i dont wanna talk about it) friends: none (im not lonely, im just anti-social) crush: none at the moment (ok ok i do have one but its kinda embarrassing ngl) enemies: pansy parkinson and her gang of bitches hate me for some reason, oh and dracos group hates me aswell. (its kinda a mutal hatred tho cause his friends (not him) exposed all my meds to the school, and now they all think im a drug addict) medical conditions: i dont really like to talk about this because its kinda a sensitive subject, but ig ill tell you cause i trust that you wont tell anyone. I have ptsd and depression, also im on some anxiety medicine and i take birth control. There are lots more meds i take, but those are the ones dracos friends exposed me for so ig you'd probably already know ig thats it for now so yeah bye

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