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Just One Chill WEIRDO McKinnon

You know, I'm just that person EVERYONE wants to be friends with, don't deny it. I'm average. But weird. ~What an Amazing person I'm dating love ya.

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Name: Marlene McKinnon

June 16, 1960
Died: July 1981 (21)

Blood status:

Also known as

Sebastian Cross
Fan Club
Dueling Club
NEWTS Study Club

Physical information:



Hair colour:
Gold Blonde

Eye colour:
Light Green

Skin colour:
Okay, Marlene McKinnon what's there to know about me
Physical Appearance
Marlene is a naturally beautiful girl. She has silky medium length, wavy locks, golden blonde in colour. Her almond eyes are light green with a tint of blue. Her nose is thin with a slight slope and point. Her cheek bones are mildly protruded, her lips are medium sized.

Marlene has an athletic, yet girly build. Her breasts are medium sized, and stomach is lightly toned. Marlene's legs are smooth, long, and shapely. Much of her muscle lies in her lower half; her round arse and legs. She is on the taller side for a girl.

Marlene's animagus is a fluffy silver tabby cat. She has an assortment of colours including white, tan, brown, and black. She has green eyes and a slim face similar to her human form. She has a big fluffy tail that attracts a lot of attention. She is a pretty little kitty with stripes and pointed ears.

Personality and Traits
Marlene is a sweet girl with a tough side. Growing up with four boys has given her a tomboyish edge, while still maintaining her feminine side. She has a silly personality and loves a good laugh. With friends, she shows her crazy side, often finding company among people who also have one.

She can't stand people being fake or lying to her face and will call them out on it.If someone messes with her man or mates she shows her ugly side. Having wrestled with her brothers, she is not afraid to get physical.

Marlene loves sports, her favourites being flag football, soccer, and of course, Quidditch. She feels that the best kinds of movies are romances and classics. She is a huge Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe fan.

She loves and respects her family greatly, but will stand against her parent's rules that she seems unfair (e.g. the no dating rule).

Marlene is always so sure of herself. Sirius is the first person to make her question things.

She can't help it, but is and always has been attracted to the bad boys with a fun personality. A lot of times they are mostly bad and aren't good to her.

Animagus Traits:
Marlene has become hyper aware of things that move quickly.

She is confident and sure of herself like anyone in the feline family.

She is very playful, could spend hours with someone, but at the same time could also spend hours being lazy. She loves a good cat nap, especially after a stressful day. She is able to lie comfortably anywhere and on anything.

She loves to have her back massaged and will sometimes rub up against people so they will do it. She has been known to let out a purr or two when cuddling with people, without her even realising. If she squirms around while you are rubbing her back, it's usually because she likes it and wants you to keep going.

Marlene likes to climb things like trees, similar to the way cats climb on furniture. She is also very flexible like a feline.

She doesn't like when people touch her tail, and nearly everyone tries to, much to her annoyance.

When she is scared she will tense her muscles and dig her claws into the nearest object as a sort of safety.

Whenever she gets frustrated she usually just wants to be alone, and then talks with someone about it later. This is something that is sometimes hard for her boyfriend Sirius who wants to be on top of her all the time.

Growing up with brothers she sometimes playfully punches someone or hits their arm, similar to the way cats randomly smack people.

If she doesn't like someone or is upset she might release a hiss of anger.

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Okay I'm Devon, not a boy a girl...
Um well my name is Devon Isabelle Piper [Insert Last Name(for privacy purposes)]
Um I have 6 siblings um yeah I'm pretty awkward....

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