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Name: Madison Noel Kyre
Looks: I'm 5"11 with the palest skin you'll ever see, and a strip of freckles across my nose and under my eyes. I have long, ginger flowing hair that I always pull into a ponytail. I have ice blue eyes. I wear a gray blouse with a black skirt and a perfectly fitting pitch black cloak. It has a delicately stitched in Slytherin symbol. Being form good ol' Wisconsin I always wear either black sneakers or winter boots. But my cloak covers my feet. I also like wearing a black choker with a silver cat charm, a silver moon charm, and a silver star charm.
Traits: I'm not shy at all, and I can be friendly, depending on who you are. But I can snap pretty easily. I'm fun and relaxed a lot, but I'm very serious if I get nervous, or something goes wrong. I'm also an amazing at dueling, spells and transfiguration.
Family: My mother is named Rose, who works as a waitress at Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop and my father Fergus(Who's Irish by the way!) Works at the Ministry of Magic. I have twins sisters, Sky and Poppy, in their second year. They both have black shoulder-length hair with ice blue eyes as well as me. They have two black stars named Jinx and Charm. They're sisters to my black cat, Hex.
Wand: An eleven inch Rowan wood wand with a doxy wing core and sturdy flexibility.
Best friends:Luna Lovegood, Violet Slytherin, Ryan Meunier, Ginny Weasley-Potter, Fred and George Weasley, Lyra Klexing, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger.
Patronus/Animangus: My patronus is a hyena and my animangus is a tortoiseshell cat.
Iilvermorny: Wampus
Age:Depends on roleplay, usually 15 or 17
Welcome to Hogwarts y'all!
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