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i inhale,thinking that's this is a dream.I Run in to the wall ,I've reached platform 9 and 3 quarters!
I get into the train.Its nothing I thought it would be. There is red velvet cushions,a magnificent window,and a candy trolley! I wish I could have got something to eat but i don't have wizard money.
I turn to the window thinking of the last thing my mom told me before I left for the platform...."I don't want to hear from you and don't expect me to send you a letter.You are a rotten child and no one will ever care or love for you!" I felt hot tears coming on. I tried to keep them back,but it didn't work. Hot tears strolled down my face,then a rather handsome tall boy came in." Do you mind if I sit down with you?"
"Um,no,not at all."
"Are you okay,"
"Yes I'm fine."
"Um,I'm Neville,2nd year."He showed me a picture of his first year,there was definitely a hugggggeeee difference.I was looking at a rather cubby kid,with cheeks that I've only seen on chipmunks!Now he's tall,skinny and really cuteeeeeee!
"I'm a first year,"
"Nice,um what's your name?"
"You have a beautiful name,"
"You really think so?"
"Yeah,I guess,"
"Don't guess,tell the truth,"
"Yeah,I do."
I smiled,and lightly laughed.We talked and talked,I told him about my mom.He made me feel soooo much better.We eventually reached hog warts.
Neville sat at the griffiondor table.He smiled at me and liped good luck!
"Alaina"said miverna.
I sat down on the stool,I waited for the very odd hat to say something.
Finally it said " griffiondor!"
I sat down by Neville,he saved a spot for me! I couldn't stop smiling.
* Some time in December *
"Oh hi."I said to Neville
"You going home for Christmas?"He said in his cute accent.
"No,why would I,remember the train ride?"
"Oh,um sorry I forgot."
"Are you going home?"
"No,I went home last year."
In my head I was saying yes over and over again. And I was also wondering why he hasn't asked me out yet, I mean we talk all the time! And we're inseparable,like come on!!!
"Cool." I said back like I wasn't exited.
After awhile we wer in the common room talking about stuff,I guess it was stuff.Anyway,I woke up Christmas morning. I found 2 presents. One from Hermonie,and the other from Neville.Hermione got me a book that I wanted,and Neville got me a necklace and a note that said come see me.
After I ate breakfast I went to the common room. Neville was there,I sat down in a chair next to him.He turned his head and said hi.I echoed him back. He got up and said"um,can I ask you something?"
"Of course."
" Do you ever get a feeling around someone where you feel safe and cared for,almost like a feeling that you love them?"
"Um,well I'm not loved so I really don't know what love feels like."
"Oh,so you don't have feelings for me?"He said as tears ran down his face.
"Well,I like you I really do,but like I said I don't know what love feels like." I said as I raced throughout my mind to find someone who's said they love me.Then I realized,he loves me.
I looked at him and smiled,then,I ran into his arms baling like an infant and told him I loved him too.
"I love you,I love you,I love you Neville!He looked at me and smiled so brightly that I lost my mind and kissed him.
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