Katherine Graves


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  • 1st Year
  • United Kingdom


Name: Katherine Graves
Born: South-East England
House: Hufflepuff
Sister: Sarah, Ravenclaw
Wand: Maple Wood, 11", Unicorn Hair Core, Rigid Flexibility.
Patronus: Dolphin.

Goals/Interests: She wishes to explore and travel around with her friends after graduation. She want's to achieve grades on the higher end spectrum, but knows her weaknesses and knows she won't achieve better than her sister, nor will she be getting the best grades in her year..

Strangely, her best friend resides in Slytherin which many in her house disagree with and it causes confrontation from the Slytherin house. But, as she points out constantly. Her best friend has, and always will be her best friend. No matter what god damn house, it doesn't bother either of them so why should it bother others. After losing her anger on the third day of lessons, the public issues from the houses subsided.

Despite her ambition and determination and her natural intelligence, she is carefree and mellow hence being placed in Hufflepuff, She enjoys education, and learning but knows how to relax and take joy in the smaller things. Which didn't at all come a surprise to her sister who was previously placed in Ravenclaw.
Katherine is fierce loyal to her friends, but also quick witted and call out bullshit as soon as it occurs. She dislikes confrontation, but if needs be she can cast a few spells to disperse the situation.
Her biggest goal is that she wants to get over her fear of the Dark Arts, hence wanting to get a good grade to continue it and prove to herself she is powerful enough.
She missed technology a lot, and constantly complains about missing her PC and video games, which leaves other students baffled.
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