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I was sorted into gryffindor, and it didn't take long to decide. Im currently in my fourth year. My favorite class is Defense against the dark arts because of my ambition to become an auror(its either that or famous Quidditch player and Auror seems more likely to happen) My worst class is Potions because I simply dont understand how it is magic. My ancestors are wizards and witches but people (meaning slytherins though nothing against that house) call me "Blood traitor". My high school crush is Fred Weasley jr. I think my greatest strength is that Im not afraid to admit that im different. My greatest weakness is that I am sometimes too full of myself. I have a white owl named Digbie and she gets jealous if i give anyone else attention other than her. What is very Odd about me and my siblings is that we are all in different houses. Im in Gryffindor like my dad, My sister is in Slytherin like my mom and my brother is in ravenclaw (he doesnt really take after anyone). And now you know all about me!

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