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♡ who r u?
name — celestina sage morgenstern
age — 16
blood status — part-human (quarter-veela)
date of birth — february 14th
hogwarts house — hufflepuff
hybrid house — huffleclaw
ilvermorny house — thunderbird
patronus — thunderbird
wand — aspen wood with thunderbird tail feather core, 12" and sturdy flexibility
pets? — brown furred cat named nirvana
sexuality — pansexual

❝ flashbacks and beginnings
celestina sage morgenstern was born on february 14th, in a small wizarding village in brooklyn. she is the youngest daughter of half-veela witch andromeda morgenstern and death eater thanos lestrange.
celestina grew up not knowing about their father (except for the eldest, celine), and would often ask her mother about it. but of course, her mother will make up lies. telling her that her father was an austronaut, and he was on a very long mission in mars.

celestina and her siblings were taught that blood purity does not matter. and they were pretty much allowed to play with muggles (or no-majs) as long as they keep them being witches a secret. and as a kid, celestina was fond of making new friends and going on adventures. she was one of the three sisters who spent their childhood playing outside and enjoying her life. she was the extrovert of them three, and she is extremely outspoken that sometimes she comes off as blunt.
being their mother was the lead singer of this no-maj band, the sisters grew up inclined with their musical side. but her sister, cordelia, was the one more inclined to her musical side, to the point she spent her time at home practicing every instrument on the house.
celestina played some musical instruments as well, like the ukelele and piano. but she wasn't really that passionate about it, unlike cordelia.

growing up, celestina enjoyed her life in america. but due to an unfortunate event, they needed to relocate.
celeste was ten when two death eaters appeared at their home. luckily, her eldest sister, celina, was there and fought the two death eaters until officials went to their home and arrest the two.
fearing for her children's life, her mother packed their stuff and the family moved to london. hoping for a great new start.

❛additional information
— she is the youngest out of four siblings.
— she is extremely close of her older brother, chandler.
— like everyone in the family, she loves bands. her favorites are all time low, waterparks, against the current, and as it is.
— she plays the ukelele and piano.
— celeste is the pianist for her and her siblings' band, 'shooting stars'.
— her favorite color is yellow and white.
— she loves pulling pranks on anyone.
— she and her siblings are very close to each other according to their mother, but she is more close to chandler as cordelia is more close to celina
— she once turned her friend's hair into yellow.
— she loves eating.
— she loves cheeseburger.
— during summer breaks, she goes outside everytime to skate
— if she was in ilvermorny, she could've been in thunderbird.
— she cried when she met jack barakat and zack merrick in london
— her friend invented w-mobile, or wizard mobile. using this instead of t-mobile or etc. will enchant your 'muggle' phone and can make it accessible in any wizarding environment that uses some sort of concealing magic to hide from muggles.
— mind you, her friend was in horned serpent. thats why.
— she loves food in general
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