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Being born in the country of Samba on September 3, 2001, Heidi lived her childhood with her magical pure-blooded family in a rich and sophisticated mansion. She is the daughter of a Healer, Helena Heffield, and an Auror, Paulo Heffield. At the age of five, Heidi showed her first magical abilities, which was a relief for the family. She could turn the light on and off at will, this surprised her famly since none of their children had ever shown this type of first magical skill.
All the family members were learning at Hogwarts, so Heidi's brothers and sisters were in England all Winter. So while she was still not going to Hogwarts, her parents traveled with her, taking her to various countries, meeting famous wizards and witches and even watching Quidditch matches. Her favorite place, however, was the Arabic Nation, where she found their cultures inspiring and extraordinary.
Now in Hogwarts, you can probably see Heidi walking around the school halls. If you meet her, you will get to see her personality: ambitious, intelligent, competitive, and caring. But try not to get to see the bad side of her, she can be dangerous when angry, that's right, she's got a short temper, and when that happens, she's mean and intolerant. But be friends, shall you?
You have obviously guessed that she's a Slytherin, just by reading her personality.
Heidi loves several stuff, including: Quidditch, candy, cats, Hufflepuffs, flying, potions, music, having debates, having a laugh, pranks, and other things.
She dislikes many things too, like: racism and ignorance, show-off Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, transfiguration, slow thinkers and clumsy people.
Fun fact: during her time in the Arabian countries, she and her family converted to Islam, so you can obviously see her wearing a hijab.
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