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Hey I'm Wander. I'm Australian and I enjoy reading, writing and roleplaying.

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It wasn't long ago that I received my welcome letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My mother and father were the first ones to see it and oh boy, their faces were gold. I remember seeing their proud smiles as they handed me my letter and I realised that this wasn't some kind of prank they had pulled when I saw that it wasn't their handwriting on the envelope.

I was actually going to Hogwarts...the one school that my parents thought I'd enjoy being at and honestly - I was also hoping to go after hearing all the wonderful stories they'd tell me. We left the following morning to purchase everything since I wasn't willing to wear my mother's old robes. My chosen wand ended up being an 11" Holly wand with Unicorn Hair Core, and my companion - a black cat with stunning blue eyes to match my own.


| Character |
First Name: Lillian
Last Name: Wolf
Nationality: Australian
Age: 15 y/o
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi
Blood: Pureblood
Appearance: Lillian has tan skin with very faint freckles along her nose and cheeks, along with dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. As for her height - she's pretty average though majority of her friends are taller than her.
Likes: Dogs, reading, shopping
Dislikes: Bullying, climbing, spiders

(mother) Rosa Wolf - witch
(father) Lucas Wolf - wizard
(sibling/s) n/a

| Personal |
FIrst Name: Shania
Last Name: (rather not say cause there are bad people out there XD)
Age: 14 y/o
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bi
Blood: Muggle
Appearance: I'm short with fair skin and reddish-brown hair in somewhat of a pixie cut, along with a face full of freckles and 'geeky glasses' (:3). Literally 99% of my friends are taller than me.
Likes: Most animals (wolves are the best tho.), reading/writing, watching movies
Dislikes: Being bossed around, spiders, heights, being put under pressure

[this list is empty]
Message - 'oh. welp I'm currently a lone wolf.'
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