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My backstory is all screwed up, so if you can't read it
here just read in the 'about' tab Aight?

Full Name: Wythorn ( Wyn for short ) I do not have
a middle or last name
Species: Centaur
Age: Centaurs can live for 200 years, but for now
I am about 20 years old.
Place of Birth: Deep in the Forbidden Forest
Sexuality: Straight


-Upper half - Wyn has striking almond-shaped
eyes that glisten a blue so pale and vivid that it makes
you think of electricity or a laser beam. A full row of
lashes flutter above and below them, yet her face is
rarely loaded with makeup and cosmetics.Wyn’s silky,
slightly wavy obsidian colored hair comes down to her
waist, and reminds you of a flowing cape. She will
occasionally wear it up in an intricate bun, just to keep
all of that hair out of her way. Her lips are relatively full,
and her small nose is slightly upturned.Overall, she has a
very muscular build, and is 6 ft 7”, which is below average
for a centaur. She has a rather pale complexion.

-Lower Half- From the waist down, Wyn no longer looks human. Her body is that of a horse. Her horse-half has a black base, with little white hairs intermingled throughout it to create this ‘silvery-blue’ effect. The scientific term for this coat color is a ‘blue roan’.(Reference photo:http://kennethmarkhoover.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/blue_roan.313183340_std.jpg) All four legs are completely black, and her tail matches the obsidian color of her hair. Her tail is pretty long as well - it brushes the ground when she walks.

-Clothing- Wyn only really needs one article of clothing. Something to cover her chest. She generally wears a crudely-sewn-together crop-top-like vest which she made out of leathers and furs. It does not cover her midriff, her belly button is clearly visible. She prefers to create clothes out of wolf pelts due to the fact that it matches so well with her hair and body color.

Personality: Not surprisingly, Wyn is an introvert. She rarely ventures outside the forest, for her fellow centaurs would surely beat her if they found that she had ventured into wizard territory. Due to this fact, she doesn’t experience much human interaction, which probably explains why she is so socially awkward. Her intelligence exceeds most human’s, and she is often deep in thought. If you manage to catch her attention, you’ll find that she is rather quiet and distant at first. She isn’t necessarily a student at Hogwarts, but she has learned everything she needs to survive from her father. Nonetheless, she patiently waits for students to venture into the forest, in hopes that they might give her brief lessons on magic. She lashes out when she's hurt, physically or mentally, and she likes to think that she is a risk-taker, which is true at times. Nothing necessarily ‘scares’ her, and she always jumps headfirst into any kind of situation she encounters.

Spouse/significant other: Wyn does not have any romantic relationships yet, and she just hopes that one of these days she’ll find another centaur or *wizard* that can make her happy.

Parents: My parents are both centaurs, if you haven’t guessed by now. My father, Bane, had a pitch black body, and my mother, Belphoebe, had a strawberry roan coat color. I never met my mother, for she left soon after I born, yet my father talked endlessly about her. My father - who was quite old at the time - took care of me until he died, which was about 3 years ago (I was 17). When he was still alive, he told me many interesting stories, many of them starring him and a black haired boy who went by the name of ‘Harry Potter’

History: As a foal-child, I had no idea that any race/species other than my own existed. I believed that the forest that I lived in was a vast, never ending place where I would grow up in. My mother left me in the care of my father, a man who set extremely stringent rules for me to follow.
Again, I thought these overly strict rules were normal, for Bane was the only father I had/ever will have. He was one of the eldest fathers in the herd, and he must’ve known that he was running out of time for he taught me everything he knew at a very young age.

He started with the basics, teaching me how to control my upper and lower half, ( which may seem odd to you humans, but you don’t understand how hard it is to control six limbs all at once ), how to speak, etc. The older I got, the more intense his lessons became. He taught me how to hunt with a bow and arrow at the age of 8, how to skin my prey and utilize their fur and skin to make clothing, quivers, and other items at the age of 9, and we even had nightly sessions where he gave me astronomy lessons.

While most of you wizards were getting your Hogwarts acceptance letters for your 11th birthday, I was getting a custom, handmade bow along with a quiver full of arrows. All the other foal-children found all this rather odd, and rarely spoke to me. Bane paid no attention to this small detail, and kept teaching.

At the age of 13, I learned to fend for myself and began roaming more and more. One day, I managed to venture all the way to the edge of the forest, and I got a glimpse of the Hogwarts castle. It was magnificent. This was about the time that I figured out that wizards existed. Their wands and magic fascinated me, and I immediately questioned my father about it. He was outraged. He scolded me severely and told me to never venture outside the forest again. After this all unfolded, he assigned a small Greater sooty owl, named Lucifer, to escort me wherever I go.  

At the age of 17, my father was now at the prime old age of 197. I had stopped adventuring so I could take care of him, and many of the other centaurs took pity on us. They would bring food and water, which my father would arrogantly decline. He would only eat food that he had hunted himself. Due to the fact that he was unable to hunt as well as he had 100 years ago, my father died partly of starvation, and partly of old age.

At the age of 18, I was almost completely alone. All I had left was Lucifer, and he wasn’t much help because he was of course, just an owl. Most of my herd couldn’t care less where I went, as long as I made it back in time for dinner (I would have to supply my own meal of course), and father was gone now, so I began adventuring once again. Lucifer would sit perched on my back as I traveled through the forest, my bow slung around my shoulders and a quiver hung at my hip along with a small *magical*  moleskin pouch where I stored furs, leather, and other materials that I collected.

Now I am 20, and I like to believe that I’ve explored every inch of the forbidden forest. I have only encountered a few students, but I doubt they are coming back anytime soon due to the fact that I drilled them with questions. What are those 'Houses' that I've heard so much about? Are there any other centaur students that attend Hogwarts? What's your favorite class? Can I swish your wand around?

When I'm not hunting or gathering, you can catch me practicing with the bow and arrow or blade, lying around, deep in thought somewhere, exercising my vocal cords ( singing ) - Voice claim Liz Callaway - or exploring! ( Basic, right? )

- Quick Note -
Centaurs are usually vegetarians, however our human half enables us to eat meat as well. Unlike horses, we don't eat grass or bark, as you might think, and usually avoid leaves except in very lean times.  Centaurs feed on berries, grains, fruits, tubers, mushrooms, and other natural foods in forms that humans would consume.

Magical Strengths: COMC, History of Magic, Ancient Runes, *Astronomy*
Magical Weaknesses: Charms, DADA, transfiguration, potions, basically anything that involves a wand

Pets: Lucifer, my Greater Sooty owl

Items she has on her:
- A finely crafted bow made from magical, ebony wood. Little grooves imbed the handle of the bow, and the grip has leather wrapped tightly around it. The lower and upper limbs are decorated with intricate patterns and drawings, such as a scene of two foal-children playing in a meadow, unique flower patterns, and swirly lines that travel up/down to the nock. The bowstring is made out of a sturdy, stretched out, twisted rawhide

- A quiver made of rawhide accompanies her where ever she goes. It's design matches the bow, and has small scenes and patterns that correspond with the ones on her bow. It has a belt-like piece of rawhide extruding from it. This allows her to tie the quiver around her waist, so she doesn't have to wear it on her back along with the bow.

- A small, auburn colored moleskin pouch which she ties around her waist as well. If you are unaware of what a moleskin pouch is, it is a kind of small bag that is used for storing items, which no one but the owner can get out. It appears small on the outside, but an enchantment allows it to have much greater carrying capacity than any Muggle pouch of comparable size. She stores everything in this, and is one of her most prized possessions.

Things she stores in her pouch ( For rps and such ):
- Leathers, skins and furs ( generally wolf, sometimes fox or bear )
- Various berries, nuts and fruits and shrubs that she shoved in there just so she could have a snack whenever she felt like it
- She has two blades, one for skinning and one for fighting/hunting. She made them both herself, and sharpens them daily on rocks or anything else she can find.
- She has a couple of extra vests as well, one is for the winter and is made of a thick, warm bear pelt. The other one is for warmer weather, and is made only out of deer skin, no fur.
- A small hairbrush that she assumes was wizard-made. She found it on the forest floor one day, and at the time she had no idea what it was. However, she recently figured out how to use it. Its quite relaxing. She brushes her tail and hair daily
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