D.L. Greyback

Lycan (Werewolf) /Animagus

It was all just a mistake.

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  • 1st Year
  • United States


The Beginning
I am not a friend.
I was not allowed to get close to the other students.
It was just one simple task I had to fulfill. A proving task that showed where I stood in the family line.
I am a Greyback.
I'm not a lover of muggles or mudbloods, they were dinner. Toys for me to manipulate at will. Trickery was a known trait in my family. Without it, we would have relied on brute force.
Years before I attended Hogwarts I studied. Continuously. Endlessly. It wasn't until I received my letter did I get handed my task.
It was fairly simple. Straightforward. I knew I could accomplish such an easy feat.
Because of my knowledge I was sorted into the House of Ravenclaw, yet I could sense the Sorting Hats uneasiness as it tried to decide whether I should have been put in Slytherin.

It had its chance.
I will do what father asked.

I will accomplish my task.
Other :
[Family?] Father is Daemon Greyback, Mother is Elizabeth Greyback, Brother is Sebastian Greyback
[Wand] 10 1/3inches, Holly Wood Thestral Tail Hair
[Patronus] A large dog
[Pet] Barred Owl
[Ilvermorny House] Wampus
[Animagus] Large black wolf appearing to be the size of a car or cow depending on the situation.

---------------------------------[]THE FACTS[]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Drake Lupin Greyback
[]AGE[] Nineteen
[]FAMILY HISTORY[] Descendent of Fenrir Greyback with a long line of Slytherins.
[]BIO[] Drake was born in the Greyback family, and being a descendant from the great Fenrir himself Drake was turned a Lycan once he was seven years old. At that age he was deemed independent enough to be turned since a wolf at that time would be considered an adult. As he grew up he finally grabbed ahold of controlling his shifting after years of painful nights and horrifying bloodied nightmares of those who he had killed in his animalistic state.

Over the years this made Drake accept who he is. He doesn't blame others for thinking of him like a monster or beast. He even acts like one on purpose to bother the other students, showing he simply did not care, and soon it became what he was as a person. Though he is a Ravenclaw the Sorting Hat itself said he would do best in Slytherin because "The winding path would unleash your true ability" as it had said once before.

[]SEVERAL YEARS AFTER HIS SIXTH YEAR[] [[In most rps he would be in his fifth year or below]]

Drakes POV:

I couldn't control myself.
It just felt so goddamn good.

So.... free.

After years and years upon making wolfsbane potions and avoiding going out at night.

I broke.

The pain was so surreal . Unlike anything Ive ever felt before. The growls and snarls that came from my bed woke my dorm mates. Soon after screams were heard. Shouts of spells rang out to the halls. But that didn't stop it. After holding back on my shifting for so long I was no longer myself. A beast is what controlled my body. Was it me? What was it that I was harboring inside for so long? I didn't know. Soon the screams were silenced and the professors had arrived too late. The ones that survived were the living corpses.

I had escaped into the Forbidden Woods, where I reside in. My wand was taken as well as my existence to the school. They tried to erase me, forget about me like they did with the Chamber of Secrets. My mind became half beast and I began to believe what I was told growing up. I should've used the Three Unforgivable curses when I had a wand. Why was I so soft when I was with the other witches and wizards?

Oh right.

That was because humanity used to be in my mind. Now rests the sanity of a beast.

I Am The Wolf [By: Mark Lanegan Band]

I am the wolf
Without a pack
Banished so long ago
I've survived
On another’s kill
And on my shadow home

All I've learned is that poison will sting
No one remembers the names of martyrs or kings
No one remembers much of anything
That came this way before

I am the wolf
Combing the beach
Too hungry to shy away
The carcass of a leviathan
Sways gently on the waves

I hope this shelter is enough to keep me warm
Upstairs the heaven's giving birth to winter's storm
But I've been dying since the day I was born
That much I know is true

I am the wolf
High, wild and free
A picture on a shelf
I burn this house
Down to the ashes
A law unto myself

All I've learned is that poison will sting
No one remembers the names of martyrs or kings
No one remembers much of anything
That came this way before
That came this way before

I am the wolf
I am the wolf
I am the wolf

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