Vascilisa S. Malfoy

Dark Arts Witch

Death Eater since 2018 and Unofficial HIH Therapist

  • Joined June 2017
  • Member of Slytherin
  • 86 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Philippines


Vascilissa S. Malfoy or Vascilissa de Valentina Mortimer Peverell Pendragon Lefay Slytherin Malfoy is the proud daughter of Ariana Slytherin and Abraxien Malfoy. The Malfoy's have been considered aa one of the richest Purebloods in England, probably even the richest.

She is part Kitsune, a fact that has been kept secret from everyone. According to her mother, an ancestor from her side of the family fled to Japan and fell in love with a mystical fox. While it has been centuries since this happened, the manifestation of a nine-tailed fox has been a rare occurence. And it seems to have manifested in her.

She excels in Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, DADA and the Dark Arts. While in Hogwarts, she was prefect, and eventually Head Girl. After graduating, she was offered to teach DADA but declined, choosing instead to create her own business, which can be found at Diagon Alley.

And although she and her family are Purebloods, they do not subscribe to the ideology of Pureblood Supremacy. They are a firm believer that magic should not be limited to those who come from a long line of witches and wizards.

They are quite well known and respected around the world. Their influence extends to America and Japan. Her parents currently live in their property in Kyoto.

Vasci has two familiars: a magical reticulated python, Nemesis, and a phoenix, Nox. 

Vascilisa has two wands:

One made in Knockturn alley: Redwood and yew mix, with unicorn hair, dementor's cloak, ans thestral hair cores. 11 3/4 in length, unyielding.

Another wand from Ollivander's:

Mahogany and Dragon heart, 12 inches, pliable.

Additional Info: When in Hogwarts rp's I like being Head Girl.

Alexander S. Malfoy Vasci's older brother, a year older. Heir of Malfoy. Like his sister, he does not believe in pureblood supremacy. His wand is elm and cedar wood with bascilisk fang and phoenix tail feather for it's cores and is ten inches long. He has platinum blonde hair and grey eyes. He stands at 6'3 in height. He is considered handsome by many and is still single.

Brother: Warren Malfoy-Whitten (HIH bro)

Danger has always seemed to be attracted to me. Wherever I seemed to go, it would always follow me like a shadow. Crazy right? So what better way than to face it rather than run away like a coward.

Roleplay Rules:

  • No asterisks.

  • At least 1 paragraph and vivid descriptions please.

  • Proper grammar and correct spelling is a must.

  • No god-modding.

  • Use proper quotation and punctuation marks.

  • If we have not rp'ed before, do not act like you know my character unless necessary to the plot.

  • Help further the plot and don't just rely on me to further it on my own.

  • 1st and 3rd POV only.

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