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"Don't need all the answers, just tell me what life is for. One day I'm gonna wake up with a reaper at the door."

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Some would call me... different. Some may even go to the stretch of saying that I have a rather cliché history. But there you go.

Raised in Los Angeles, I've had a rather disconnected association with British wizards and witches. However, I moved to the country shortly before starting my First Year at Hogwarts. Troubled times in America, what with the No-Maj's hunting us down; we didn't really have much choice but to move here. Now my home is situated in Ireland, where my father (Pure-blooded, like myself) will have a greater connection with the Wizarding World. Sadly, my mother died whilst we were fleeing America.

Our family motto: Εγώ θα δεν διάλειμμα σας εκτός αν σας αξίζει να είναι σπασμένα (I will not break you unless you deserve to be broken) shows our true power and capabilities, but also presents an air of respect for those who deserve it. Coupled with the sly actions of a snake - the animal on the Host coat of arms - and it is no wonder I was sorted into Slytherin.

As well as this, I've always been drawn towards writing. Fiction stories are my forte, but non-fiction is not something to steer clear of. Writing has been a kind of passion for me, an escape from reality. Although it is just a hobby now, I can picture myself taking it further in the future to dazzle young minds with thrilling adventures of treachery and betrayal, of the good and the evil, and, of course, the protagonists' choices. It is the decisions we make, rather than the actions that we take, that shape our future.

Name: Donte Host
Nicknames: The Host/the Author
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Aro-Ace
House: Slytherin
Blood: Pure
Family: Mother, Mihka Host - pure-blood (deceased), 1929-1962. Father, Kayzo Host - pure-blood, 1938-present day
Wand: Ebony wood, dragon heartstring core, 12", reasonably supple flexibility
Patronus: Snake
Boggart: Himself, being controlled by others.
Other notable items on person: A pocket watch that alerts him whenever a vampire is nearby, a few blood-replenishing potions, and a coat with extended pockets, of which only he can access.
Pet: Indian Cobra, christened 'Alpha'.
Location: Born in America, was driven out to Ireland by No-Maj's when he was 10. Currently in the UK, although his home is in the Republic of Ireland.
Aspirations: Author
Current Job: None
Quirks: Walks with a cane due to an injury in his left knee.
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