Ashleigh Lestrange

Death Eater, Seer

If you have wandered into this profile page randomly, be warned - I think I have a few Rogue Bludgers flying around.

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From a young age, I was pressured to become a Death Eater, like my parents, Bellatrix Lesteange and Severus Snape. Of course, having inherited their ambition, it was all I wanted in life. That was, until I met my cousin. Draco had a difficult time at Hogwarts, and as family I felt obliged to help him. So I did, and he introduced me to his friends. However, being very social, I spoke and hung out with every person in the school, and became quite popular. I also gained a reputation for being a straight O's student, as I had found I quite enjoyed schoolwork. In my third year, though, when I began Divination, I instantly clicked with it. I am a natural clairvoyant, and so I decided to pursue a life in Seeing. Professor Trelawney only encouraged me. When I left school, I became famous for my skills, and was employed in the Ministry of Magic. Of course, I fed information to the Death Eaters.
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