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Being sorted into Gryffindor house was the beginning of my adventure at Hogwarts. Why the Sorting Hat sorted me into Gryffindor, I'm not sure. Only that it took the Hat a good three minutes going through my mind. Before the Hat declared my house though, it burst out laughing, and no amount of pestering me would get me to talk. I quite enjoyed Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Charms. The most boring class of all had to be History of Magic. My parents are muggles. That being said, three of my brothers are wizards. One of us in each house. Oldest brother was in Hufflepuff, the next oldest was in Ravenclaw, and then my younger brother was in Slytherin. Four magical children from parents that are muggles was a huge slap in the face to those blood-purists. Despite my blood status, my brothers and I were welcomed into the Wizarding World. My parents are Americans who moved to England shortly before the 2nd Wizaring War broke started. I don't really remember the war considering that I was about six months old when it ended, but my family said that it was really touch and go for awhile there. One of my greatest strengths is, that I have an active sense of Justice. One of my greatest weaknesses is, that I have an odd sense of humor. I've now been out of school for two years, and I'm currently training to become an Auror. In my personal opinion, the most fascinating aspect of magic is, how much joy it brings to people. Magic should be used to the good of all. Not just one, but for all. If I am being honest with myself, what I really want is clear the names of all of those who were wrongfully convicted, and set them free. I have two pets, a Snowy Owl named, Angel, and a Golden Retriever, named Chester. I have the weirdest family ever. Weird in a good way. They crack me up all the time.
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