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So I curse a lot, in and out of character. If there are any sensitive ears out there just be aware

Rping Rules (They're here cause' I don't want to rewrite them each time I post a starter)
▹My rps are always Open unless I state otherwise :)
▹At least a paragraph (4 lines/sentences.) Aka Long responses
▹Well written + detailed responses as well
▹Take the rp somewhere, create conflict or make something happen!
▹Do not act like you know Enoch unless you've rped with him before/the rp calls for your character being aquatinted with him. (I will be the one to determine right away if our characters know each other, it will say so or hint at it in the starter.)
▹You should be at least my level of writing or above (maybe a little bit below but I can't handle poorly written responses so...)
▹Do not God-Mod your character, make it realistic. No crazy feats of power or strength
▹Honestly I prefer when people rp in third person, but if you decide to write in first person and actually follow the rest of these rules, then I'm fine with it
▹Make sure whatever happens is logical ( in the world of the rp of course )
▹I request that you don't try to make things romantic, Enoch isn't interested.
▹I won't reply unless your response follows all of these

My spelling might not always be the best because I'm generally in a hurry and do not re-read my writing/I'm a lazy child, I apologize for that. Don't worry, when I'm paying attention my grammar and spelling is marvelous.

I will usually rp as a curse breaker (So the rp is in Egypt) but occasionally I will rp about my time at Hogwarts/the Ministry ( I WILL SPECIFY this). If I do not state the location, it is automatically occurring in Egypt.

- True story, here's a link to my OC for that poppin' group of primera (I'll link it) check that shit out http://www.hogwartsishere.com/posts/3842203/

Basic Statistics

Name: Enoch Arthur Fawley
Age: 21
Hometown: Kelso, Scotland
Current Residence: Various areas in Egypt (He travels from location to location)
Occupation: Curse breaker
Blood status: Pureblood (His mother and father are both descendants of one of the ‘Sacred twenty-eight’)


Grandparents: Most informed wizards/witches know of Mr. Hector Fawley, Minister of Magic from 1925 -1939. Yet when most people meet Enoch, they fail to realize that Hector was indeed, his grandfather. Enoch had an abnormally amazing relationship with him, always fascinated by the seemingly made up stories his grandfather produced. He heard mostly of Hector’s time at the ministry, but he occasionally would bless Enoch with some wild-wizard-adventure he had experienced. Enoch loved those the most. The ministry intrigued him at first, but soon bored him after hearing about much work it took just to become an employee there, let alone an Auror or the minister of magic himself. Everything was stringent - so strict - there. Hector of course passed away years ago, and some of Enoch’s most treasured memories are when he was stationed upon his grandfather’s lap, listening intently to his tales.

Parents: Sullivan Fawley was obviously less well-known than his father (Hector), but this didn’t bother his beautiful wife, Della Macmillan (Now Della Fawley) in the slightest. They met while beginning the Auror program, connecting over the fact that they had both been in the hufflepuff house when they were still in school. Both are extremely devoted to their jobs, - they’re still Aurors - and even to this day work diligently for the Ministry. Sullivan and Della still act childish around each other, and it’s rather uncomfortable to be around them when they act in such away, causing Enoch to have a weakened relationship with the both of them. They tend to focus on each other and heir jobs more than their sons, which usually means they are rarely home and if they are, not courting to their family's needs.

Siblings: Ollie Fawley and Enoch have a fairly strong relationship, considering that they had to stick together when their parents failed to acknowledge them. Ollie naturally took care of his little brother, acting as somewhat of a ‘father’ to young Enoch. Being a mere 4 years apart, Ollie and Enoch were able to see each other when they attended Hogwarts. Even now when they’ve both gone in their different ways, with vastly different occupations. Ollie happens to be an Unspeakable (More specifically, he works in the time chamber.) and Enoch drills him with questions every time they interact, more to annoy him than to get any answers. Unspeakables are not permitted to speak about their work, granting Enoch an easy way to annoy his lovable brother.

Romantic: Enoch has no lovers at the moment and doesn’t plan on having any either. He has no time for one, his job is his main priority. Aka, Cassie fucked with him goddamnit.

Oh hey look at that I guess Cassanoch did happen. Well, you got what you wanted fuckwads

Physical Characteristics:

At first glance, Enoch ironically resembles a badger. Standing at 6’3”, Enoch stands slightly above most (average) men. He sports a triangular-shaped face and his jawline is somewhat-defined, features he shares with his father. However, unlike his father, Enoch has a slight adams apple peaking out in front of his vocal cords, serving as protection. Enoch has relatively full lips (For a dude, that is), and a ‘strong’ nose. A small mole is located on the right side of his bottom lip, and his brother - Ollie - has a mole similar to his, except it’s stationed on the left side of his bottom lip. He has adorable downturned eyes that appear like polished amber, resembling his mother’s own eyes. He usually has fair skin but tans easily, so due to his work in Egypt, he now has a darkish-olive skin tone. Enoch has a lean yet athletic build with a triangular body shape that compliments his face shape as well. He naturally has light chestnut brown hair, and brushes it up slightly, creating his signature hair-style - the ‘simple casual’. Despite the adams apple and mole, he has only one other distinguishing feature - a lanky scar on his forearm. When Enoch’s face is relaxed he surprisingly has a naturally bored expression, something that has gotten him in loads of trouble at his time at Hogwarts. Due to his time as a captive, a score of whip scars align his back, and shoulders.

Habits: Enoch has a weird obsession with sweets, be it muggle or magical. One of his favorites is a Lemon drop, much like Albus Dumbledore. You can count on Enoch to always have some sort of sweet on him at all times...

Hobbies: Besides working happily at his job, Wnoch enjoys collecting different types/styles of wands, gathering sweets of course, horseback riding (He doesn’t act like it, but he is indeed rather fond of horses), sending random howlers to his brother, and practicing spells (but more specifically, practicing his dueling skills on dementors or magical beings). It also turns out that Enoch is rather skilled at Soccer, that's the only thing he and his co-workers do when they get some time off from clearing dungeons and trying to figure out non-reversible ancient spells.

Favorite Sayings: "Would you care for a lemon drop?"

Accents: Due to his childhood in Kelso (Scotland) he has an admirable Scottish accent.

Attributes and Attitudes:

Enoch usually has his head in the clouds, but still manages to be level headed. It usually depends on the situation. He can get distracted very easily and is extremely excitable, meaning that he is too easily excited. Staying true to his Hufflepuff background, Enoch is extremely loyal and believes in fair play and second chances, something that backfires every now and then. He comes off as a friendly, approachable young man, yet he isn’t a big fan of conversation. Enoch is quiet yet polite (courteous) and usually keeps to himself, taking his time when warming up to people. The freedom of his job tempts him at times, and will get into some trouble from occasionally. He usually escapes the Ministry’s clutches scotch free...he suspects his brother is behind some of it. Enoch has always been relatively smart, exceeding most that were in his class at Hogwarts. If someone doesn’t like his ideas or opinions he can get fussy, as well as when someone criticizes him, which is one of his few weaknesses. He’s not a very patient person, which contradicts his Hufflepuff origin.
- Face claim is Nathan Saignes -
Magical Characteristics/objects:

Wand: Red Oak wood, Unicorn hair core, 13 ½" in length, Unbending flexibility. People often say that red oak is an infallible sign of the owner’s hot temper. The perfect owner of a red oak wand possesses unusually fast reaction times, allowing the wand to be perfect for dueling. It is ideal for wizards who are light of touch, quick-witted and adaptable, often the creator of distinctive, spells. The owner of a red oak wand is a good man or woman to have beside one in a fight. Enoch’s traits reflect this wand almost perfectly, allowing his wand and himself to work almost faultlessly. Longer wands stereotypically stick to taller owners, but others say that longer wands tend to choose those with bigger, more dramatic personalities. The unbending flexibility denotes that Enoch and his wand are rarely willingly open to adaptability or change.

Patronus: A bumble bee. (Not the most intimidating patronus, I know.)
Can he apparate: Yes
Is he an Animagus: No
Boggart: A giant, bright red dragon with large, pearly white horns. It’s beady little eyes haunt Enoch. (He hates dragons)

Pet: Enoch and Ollie send each other letters quite often, and soon the cost of repeatedly hiring owls to fly to England became too much. Enoch purchased a spectacled owl which he appropriately named Atlas, and now he utilizes Atlas weekly. Despite the random things he sends his brother, there are other - business related things that he uses Atlas for.

Warning: It takes a lot to get Enoch angry. When he is in that rage-filled state, he will do everything in his power to injure, harm, or get away from whatever was angering so, succeeding most of the time. He believes in fairness of course, so if you attempt to harm him, he will retaliate in the same fashion.


Pre Hogwarts: Enoch was raised in the quaint yet beautiful town of Kelso, and he lived with his brother, parents, and grandfather. It was crowded at times, but his parents weren’t usually there anyway so Enoch didn’t mind. Sulllivan and Della were well respected Aurors, which meant that they were assigned to *a lot* of cases. It was hard to catch them with any free time on their hands, and so Enoch was practically placed into the care of his grandfather and occasionally, his brother. Enoch enjoyed not having parents around, for grandpa honestly didn’t care what Enoch or Ollie did, as long as they were together, didn’t break any rules (Muggle or Ministry-wise), and came back home in time for dinner. Due to this, Ollie and Enoch became quite accustomed with the little town of Kelso. They explored regularly, pretending to duel each other with sticks they found lying around on the ground. A nearby forest allowed them plenty of play areas, and they had even built a makeshift fort out of things they found lying around the house and more sticks. At night when the kids had to come home, Enoch would request a story from grandpa each night, and grandpa would usually oblige. Enoch learned that his relative had once been the minister of magic, but at the time it didn’t mean much to him. Hector would retell stories of his time at the Ministry, occasionally speaking of adventures he had during *his* time at the infamous hogwarts. In the beginning, Enoch was excited to grow up and join the ministry, determined to have adventures just like his grandpa.
    As Ollie grew older, he got a letter from the same ‘Hogwarts’ Hector had spoken of. Enoch accompanied Ollie and his parents as they traveled to Diagon alley, purchasing a wand, books, quills, robes, parchment, a cauldron and a few ingredients for his older brother. Enoch begged and begged to receive a wand of his own, but his parents told him his time would come. That first year was extremely boring, Enoch had no one to chat with besides grandpa and it was simply not fun to travel around Kelso anymore without a buddy to explore with him. Acknowledging this, his parents soon caved, giving him his first wand at the age of 9.
    At first he would simply wreak havoc, sending objects flying into the wall or making objects turn into squirrels and toads. He had no idea what he was doing at the time, and spell-casting was soon banned in the house. Becoming sick of his behavior, Hector promised to give him ‘lessons’, allowing him to harness is magical ability earlier than most. 2 years later he had become quite the little wizard, easily transfiguring objects and casting out relatively advanced (at least for him) spells. Enoch eagerly awaited for his letter, and when it came he insisted that grandpa come to Diagon alley with him. They bought all of the items he needed, and a little more. All the books in the book-shop made his eyes glimmer with curiosity, and grandpa couldn’t help but get him a few of his personal favorites. “Whenever you look at these, you’ll think of me” was what he told Enoch.

Hogwarts: Coming from a pureblood family of Hufflepuffs, it didn’t come as a surprise when Ollie *and* Enoch were both sorted into the same house their parents had been in. Ollie was of course 4 years above Enoch, so he was in he was going into his 5th year while Enoch was going into his first. He had loads of experience under his belt, and delightfully surprised his professors when he could easily produce any spell they requested. Most of his classmates came to him for any questions they might’ve had, and many wondered why he wasn’t placed in Ravenclaw, he seemingly had all the answers for their questions. Enoch soared through most of his classes achieving an O or E in most. His absolute favorite class was DADA, but mostly because of the professor. Prof. Wig had told Enoch that he saw real potential in him, and offered to give him nightly, ~ more advanced lessons. Enoch eagerly accepted, and began looking forward to these nightly courses. By the time he graduated, Enoch could even cast a limited amount of spells using solely his hands. Enoch did have a dash of romance here and there, but he eventually figured out that it was just too much effort. Ever since he hasn’t been too much into finding ‘the one’, putting his classes and current relationships first.  Ollie graduated, returning back to their home in Kelso. He searched for a fitting job, and eventually came across a ‘Wanted’ banner that spread obnoxiously across the front page of ‘The daily Prophet’. Ollie was surprisingly hired as an unspeakable at the Ministry, sending little presents and the occasional howler to his beloved brother. As he grew closer to his 7th year, Enoch realized he would need to find a job, otherwise he’d end up like Ollie, searching for months and months for some sort of occupation while still having to stay at home. The Ministry failed to interest him anymore, it just seemed way too stringent and proper there. It also took a lot of time and effort just to become an employee, let alone an unspeakable or Auror! So, he began searching for other jobs that would interest him.  

Post Hogwarts: Enoch finally graduated achieving multiple ‘O’s and ‘E’s on his N.E.W.T.S. and O.W.L.S. He was now quite the wizard, and had been able to harness his magical ability impressively well. With quick reflexes, and the perfect wand, Enoch was practically meant for dueling. He had memorized dozens upon dozens of spells, jinxes, and hexes which he planned on using throughout his career. Being a humble Hufflepuff, Enoch naturally never spoke of his abilities unless asked to do so, or if he was around his brother. There is an ongoing argument between the two right now - Who has the better job (Clearly it’s Enoch, right?) He had already applied to multiple job offers before he graduated, hoping to have a paying job soon so he wouldn’t have to go back home. The job that most excited him was the ‘Curse Breaker’ option, which guaranteed to be challenging, thrilling, and included the occasional duel from time to time - all of these of course interested the young wizard. The goblins at Gringotts were intrigued by Enoch, liking the idea of such a skilled wizard on their team. They accepted his application before he even had a chance of graduating, allowing Enoch to gloat maliciously to Ollie. Upon graduating, he was moved to Egypt, surprised to find that he was going to be living in a small encampment. He at least had a tent all to himself, which he magical extended and now on the inside, it resembled a cozy cottage with a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. He has various chests and shelves that are filled with mystical objects he has encountered at different dig sites. During his second year in this new job, he caught word via Ollie that Grandpa had indeed passed away. He was growing old, and it wasn’t much of a surprise. It was devastating nonetheless, and Enoch took a few months off so he could stay with his mourning family. Eventually he was forced to return to his tent, the goblins were in desperate need of him and he simply couldn’t turn them down. He’s been working as a Curse breaker for the past 4 years and absolutely loves it, usually just exploring on his own. Nowadays, you can find him excavating, stuck in some exotic, uncalled for situation, at the encampment, or practicing his magic/dueling.

If you read this far, (Whose kidding who everyone just skims nowadays right?) Congratulations! I have written Ollie's basic statistics/appearance here for when I do choose to rp as him, but note that he is most definitely not my main character, just thought it would be fun to rp as him :)


Name: Oliver Ordell Fawley
Nickname: Ollie
Age: 25
Hometown: Kelso, Scotland
Current Residence: London
Occupation: Unspeakable (Time chamber)
Blood status: Pureblood (His mother and father are both descendants of one of the ‘Sacred twenty-eight’)
Accents: Heavy Scottish accent


Despite his age, Ollie looks surprisingly young due to his softer features. He still, however, towers over his little brother, standing at a remarkable 6’11". Believe it or not, many people are intimidated when they first spot him. (That was my attempt at sarcasm) His face is skinny and makes Enoch look like he has a block head, but other than that their features are similar. His triangular jaw is the basis of the look, his chin jutting out farther than his brother's, making him appear to have a slightly 'long' face. His jawline isn't as defined as his father's, even though some say this fact is debatable. Ollie has an very slight adams apple, smaller than your average one and its only visible if he bends his head backwards, so not many people are aware of it's existence. Ollie's lips are similar to Enoch's as well,(relatively full) but the lower lip still juts out slightly due to his chin. To make up for his 'not as defined jaw', Ollie's assumable 'perfect' nose is surprisingly well built, no bumps or juts are visible. As mentioned above, a mole is stationed on the right side of his bottom lip, opposite of his brother's. As Enoch got their mother's eyes, Ollie got his fathers, wide and almond shaped. They shimmer an uneventful grey, much like a newly formed storm cloud. His skin is pale, and he failed to inherit whatever Enoch got, so he rarely tans, but if he still manages to do so, its not even noticeable. Ollie's shoulders are not in the slightest broad, but his athletic build makes up for it. Its not too hard for him to keep muscles on. His hair differs in color than Enoch's, a rich chestnut that some mistake for the color black. The two sides of his head are shaved, so the majority of his head of hair is on the top of his head. Other than that, he has no real 'style' with his hair. He lets It do whatever, as long as it's not blocking his vision. Ollie does indeed have his own share of scars, many not easily spotted. His most 'noticeable' one, however, is a crater-like hole on his collarbone.

- Face claim is Lennart Richter -

Attributes and Attitudes:

Ollie can usually be seen with an either lit or unlit cigarette In his mouth, something Enoch finds absolutely horrible. Unlike his younger brother, his is very self-controlling, his mind never wandering or getting distracted. Ollie is rather reserved, not really the trusting type, but he still always quite the gentleman. He'll never forget this parent's teachings. He shows affection mainly by bickering, making fun of, or just being an ass in general, so don't take anything too personally regarding Ollie. To him, everything seems to be boring, his voice always monotone and expression always bland. He obviously got into Hufflepuff along with Enoch, and he believes that he was chosen for that house mainly because of his dedication, hard work and patience/tolerance, for the other traits that may be required don't fit him in the slightest. He often gets into trouble, fair play is something of the past for him, being kind has never been that easy for him - he's rather socially awkward, especially when he meets new people -, and Ollie is known for being anything but loyal. Don't invest a secret in him, or anything for that matter, unless he gets something out of it. If he hadn't been chosen for Hufflepuff, Slytherin surely would've taken him. He doesn't hold many near and dear to his heart. Much like Enoch, he excelled in school, getting mainly O's and E's on his NEWTS and OWLS. Unlike Enoch as well, Ollie is in short, a fuckboy. Commitment is an issue with him but he still always looking for ~ love ~ Not necessarily a relationship

Apparently, Enoch is apart of Rowan's pirate crew so like go stalk her page to find out more
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