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Hey! I'm Skye, and I'm a Quidditch chaser. I can be a bit shy, but once you get to know me, I'm pretty cool. See ya around!

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I'm Skye Dawn, and I am a half-blood with a skill to use magic without my wand. When I was in Hogwarts, I used my wand for my classes, but other than that, my wand keeps excess magic that I possess. (I am taking the classes as part of the role-play experience. Also, anything in () means that I'm speaking out of character/IRL, and asterisks are actions. Quotation marks are thoughts.)

Age: 25
Hogwarts status: graduated
Appearance: average height, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, always wears a flower crown-except for Quidditch matches and cold weather
Patronus: White Mare
Wand: 11 3/4", sycamore wood, dragon heartstring core, slighty springy
Current occupation: Quidditch chaser for Pride of Portree
Family: wizard father, Muggle mother, younger sister who's a squib

Younger Skye (mostly used for role-playing)
Age: 12 when she entered to Hogwarts
House: Slytherin, formerly Thunderbird at Ilvermorny
Appearance: almost average height, long blonde hair, blue eyes, started wearing flower crowns after her 12th birthday
Extracurricular activities: Quidditch chaser
Patronus: not yet discovered
Wand: see above
Family: see above

(In real life, I am engaged to an awesome guy and in college. April 13 is my birthday. Owl me if you want to know more.)

RP Rules:
1) Feel free to use asterisks for actions, quotes for thoughts, etc. Real talk is ().
2) Grammar is important.
3) A few sentences should do the trick. If one's all you can think of, that's fine.

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