Neyeni Lestrange

Death Eater

I had dedicated my life to the Dark Lord, and now he's gone. I am constantly looking for a new Dark Lord/Lady to follow loyally.

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I didn't have the most comfortable childhood (after all, my parents were the infamous Lestranges). I never went to Hogwarts, because my parents wanted to keep me a secret, but they hired private tutors for me. I never learnt anything about History of Magic, Astronomy, Herbology etc. except for what I read in books on my own time. Instead I had extremely extensive training in the Dark Arts. By the time I was fourteen, I could kill a four people with a single curse without blinking an eye. My parents were locked up in Azkaban when I was three, but they had paid enough people to make sure that my tutors bought me up the way they wanted. When the Dark Lord returned at the end of Potter's fourth year, I immediately joined him - I had been looking for him for the past three years. By the time my parents were broken out of Azkaban, I was a member of the Dark Lord's inner circle.
When the Dark Lord fell, I fled, and have been searching for a new cause ever since.

Classification: Neutral Evil
Strengths: Dark Magic, Occlumency
Weaknesses: Herbology, Astronomy, Divination
Animagus: Black Mamba
Patronus: none (unable to perform)
Father: Rodolphus Lestrange
Mother: Bellatrix Lestrange
Siblings: None
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual


Roleplay rules:
- Good Grammar
- Story format, not *she looked up* Hey
- Be okay with dark themes
- Decent length responses, AT LEAST three sentences, try for over a paragraph
- Absolutely
- NO

Things to keep in mind when roleplaying:
- Technology doesn't work at Hogwarts
- You can have ONE animagus form
- The youngest animagus ever was fifteen years old
- Wandless magic is EXTREMELY difficult, as are nonverbal spells
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