Eleanor Wilkinson


Hi, I'm Eleanor Wilkinson a friendly Hufflepuff. I love role-plays so shoot me a starter anytime. more info in my backstory.

  • Joined August 2017
  • Member of Hufflepuff
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  • 1st Year
  • Australia


"The bright and shining one."
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Name: Eleanor Lynn Wilkinson.
Parentage: half-blood
Family: Mum, muggle, Dad, wizard, and Brother Alex
who has shown no signs of magic at 7 years old.
(distant descendants of Garrick Ollivander)
House: Hufflepuff.
Year: fifth-year
Personality: Eleanor is happy, friendly and optimistic.
she is a bookworm, who is a bit clumsy and enjoys
the quiet of long nighttime walks and the forbidden forest.
She blushes at the slightest things.
Likes: Animals, herbology, animals, owls, books,
friends, magic, wandlore, muggle books,
poems and clothing.
Dislikes: Bullies, flying, not being to do something,
people shunning muggle-borns or half-bloods.
Pets: a grey female owl with a white face and
golden eyes called Zorro, she is uncooperative,
bold and curious and an old male barn owl
called Corduroy who is smart, hardworking
and kind.
Wand: Lemonwood with a unicorn hair core,
13" and slightly yielding
boggart: being left alone and forgotten
Patronus: A hedgehog
Looks: Long length honey brown hair, sea
blue eyes with a circle of copper around
the irises, soft freckles,

"those who are silent have the most to say"
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Name: Ethan James Wolfhart
Nickname: E
Parentage: half-blood raised by his muggle
father but knew about magic
Family: muggle father and witch mother
who are divorced, his mother remarried
and lives in America and has never
spoken to them after the separation.
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5th
Personality: He is kind, quiet, gentle
and unassuming he is often goes
unnoticed and sometimes described
as sneaky but this is mostly
unintentional if he actually tried to
be sneaky he would fail rather
badly. his manners remind people
of an upper-class gentleman,
doesn't laugh easily.
Likes: Butterbeer, astronomy, sweet things,
swimming, making people laugh
Dislikes: Winter,
Pet: an elegant mottled tabby cat Nettle
who is almost always beside him
Wand: Ashwood with a unicorn
mane hair core, 10 ¾" and brittle
boggart: hurting those he loves
Patronus: grey squirrel
Looks: soft smokey brown hair,
evening blue eyes

"Do not mistake my kindness for naivety, I know more about this world then you ever will."
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Name: Melody Amara Harris
Nickname: Mel
Parentage: Muggleborn
Family: muggle father, her mother died when she was five
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 1st
Dislikes: Winter,
Pet: an elegant black cat, Ilya, who is always wraped aroung her shoulder
Looks: long straight dark brown hair, with silver grey eyes that her fringe almost covers and silver full moon glasses

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