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welcome to my wall, i guess.

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<font color="#00087a">aysel braune (main rp character)</font>

full name: aysel solana braune

age: 11-27 (depends, usually 17)

birthday: may 21, 1981

blood status: half-blood

wand: hazel, unicorn hair, 9 and 3/4 inches, slightly springy,

appearance: dark brown hair (down to the bottom of shoulder blades), bluish-brownish eyes, slightly above average height, has very prominent dark circles and olive skin

house: ravenclaw (hufflepuff housestall)

patronus: black-winged kite

a brief history:
aysel grew up in the perfect nuclear family, until it ceased to be perfect. she does her best to be happy, but with high personal expectations and a nearly sociopathic sister, that tends to be rather difficult.

-runs a candy commissioning service out of her dorm room
-probably your mom
-barely funtional pansexual
-has a pair of reading glasses (farsighted)

<font color="#e8b920">elaine mosse</font>

full name: elaine aithne mosse

age: 11-27 (depends, usually 17)

birthday: june 14, 1981

blood status: muggle-born

wand: hornbeam, dragon heartstring, 10 and 1/4 inches, quite rigid,

appearance: short, curly blonde hair (goes the middle of neck), brown eyes, average height, light freckles on nose

house: hufflepuff (ravenclaw housestall)

patronus: n/a

a brief history:
her biological father was never around. while her stepfather fills the role just fine, she desperately wishes to meet her sperm donor. even if she knows the reason behind his absense. while she and aysel had been childhood friends, a falling out and their forced reunion have made their situation strained, to say the least.

-her best subject is potions
-mildly interested in the dark arts
-classy bi
-nice to (mostly) everyone

<font color="#31e0a0">viridian maki</font>

full name: viridian maki

age: 11-27 (depends, usually 17)

birthday: february 14, 1981

blood status: pure-blood from somewhere else

wand: walnut, unicorn hair, 9 inches, nice and springy,

appearance: long black hair (mid back), dark brown eyes, slightly shorter than average, mole near left eye

house: slytherin

patronus: n/a

viridian is okay with most of her family. the keyword being most. she thinks her parents are blood-traitors and keeps on alternating between "hatred" and "fear" for her brother, but it's honestly fine. maybe.
has a "rival" (cerise) that's more like an occasional hookup/crush. feelings are hard.

-internally awkward
-crafty lil bitch
-disaster lesbian
-is lactose intolerant

<font color="#e20d46">cerise bonneville</font>

full name: cerise deirdre bonneville

age: 11-27 (depends, usually 17)

birthday: august 28, 1981

blood status: half-blood (from two other muggle-borns who rejected muggle culture)

wand: cedar, phoenix feather, 14 inches, sturdy,

appearance: messy shoulder-length red hair, hazel eyes, average height, mole near right eye, freckles that come out in the sun

house: gryffindor

patronus: banded kestrel

cerise lives with her two parents and her incredibly gifted twin brother and sister. she was never really all that close with them, despite the fact she loved them. to add salt to the wound, the two were born as twins, so they naturally shared a connection that cerise couldn’t replicate. extremely eager to have a swordfight.

-that one inexplicible jock who's also a nerd
-hates rainy weather with a passion that borders on terrifying
-disaster bi
-likes muffins with frosting but claims that cupcakes are "too sugary"

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