Hey! Im Jazmine, First year Gryffindor student, Gryffindor chaser and Future Auror! Im an active roleplayer, love to chat and have fun! Xx

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Hi, my name is Jazmine Rookwood. I am a griffyndor student in my first year. I am a super sporty, adventure-loving and clever girl and my best friends are the Weasley twins and Angelina Johnson. We all love a good prank and will always stand up for each other no matter what.
I used to live with my mum, Arianna Rose, My dad, John Rookwood and my older brother, Owen. We lived in a house near the forest and I used to spent a lot of time in there discovering magical creatures. I also used to go to my uncle's little house in the forest sometimes. I used to love my life when I was little until the first wizarding war had began and Lord Voldemort was on the rise to power. He had sent his death eaters to kill all the muggle-borns and my mother was one of them. When I was 8 years old, my father had joined Voldemort and served him as a faithful death eater and after my mother had come to know of this, she tried to protect me and Owen by sending us to our Uncle James. Before she could however my father, Rookwood had struck a curse at my mother and she died trying to protect me resulting in the curse rebounding. My father had escaped and went into hiding and me and Owen were left with our only living relative Uncle James. It wasn't safe for us to live in the house anymore and we stayed in Uncle James house by the forest. Ever since, Uncle James had bought us up with the little knowledge of the wizarding world we had and even began teaching Owen magic as he was of age!
Going to Hogwarts
It was not until my 11th birthday that me and Owen received our Hogwarts letters. I was so excited...It was like a dream come true. After buying all our supplies and books from Diagon alley the next day, I packed my trunk and waited eagerly for the 1st September. My Uncle had dropped us of off to kings cross station, waved goodbye and transformed into his animagus dog form and darted away. We met a plump, friendly witch who introduced herself as Mrs Weasley and showed us how to get onto the platform. and soon enough we had boarded the Hogwarts express. The journey to Hogwarts was amazing as I sat next to Fred and George, Angelina, Alicia, Katie and Lee Jordon. We ate loads of sweets and chatted for so long- it was like we just clicked! After the journey we were told, by a half giant named Hagrid, to sail our way across the black lake toward the beautiful Hogwarts. It was spectacular, even better than I had imagined. We were led into the Great hall were our sorting took place. When it was my turn to sit down, I felt nervous and worried. " Hmm... Where to put you? Aha! A ready mind, Could it be Ravenclaw? But alas, such bravery....A great sense of Humour...No, maybe not...." It felt like the sorting hat was raving on for house until finally it shouted "Better be......GRYFFINDOR!!!" The Gryffindor table erupted with applauses and cheering as I sat down between Angelina and George. The feast was delicious and I helped myself to a little bit of everything until I felt bloated and super tired. The prefects led us to our common room and the moment I hopped through the portrait hole I felt a sudden wave of welcome, It was cosy and warm as I sat by the fire and began to read my books. I couldn't have been happier, this was going to be the best year of my life! I though as I waved goodbye to my fiends and went to the dormitory . I lay in the warm blankets of my bed and fell into a deep sleep, already lost in my thoughts.......
Where I Am Now
I am 15 years old and I am in my 5th year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. We just got back from the quidditch world cup and it didn't go as well as id hoped. Owen was playing for the chudley canons and I went to watch him but the place was attacked by Death eaters and it was the first time in so long I had seen my father. I try not to dwell on it too much though after all I am taking my O.W.L's this year and after a little career talk with Professor McGonagall I have decided that I would like to be an Auror working in the magical law enforcement ministry office. I did consider playing quidditch or working in the department of the care of magical creatures but I ended up deciding that an Auror is what I really want to be. I would love to travel the world and explore the different magical places around the globe. The Yule ball is also coming up and I'm secretly hoping that George will ask me to go with him. He and Fred are some of my closest friends though Fred is more like a big brother to me. I can't wait for the school year to end so I can see Uncle James and tell him all about the quidditch world cup. Hogwarts is great and I'm so lucky to be here!

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