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"Nobody ever said it would be easy to be a Ravenclaw in her first year at hogwarts."
michael black, a prefect, said.
"i know," i said. michael was always poking his head into my own business! the fact that i just was having a little trouble with some classes was nothing to him, or should be nothing to him. "hey!" sarah one of my first friends said. "i cant remember the password to the dormitory," she said, obviously imbarrassed. "you blassed-ended skrewt!" jack wood, the other prefect said. "it's the easyest thing to remember!" "than what is it?" sarah asked. not being rude, just out of curiosity. jack turend red. "he dosent know," i whispered to sarah. "hey, its not my fault we have short minded, and rude prefects this year, and michael is spoiled rotten." "it's not as bad as dillan," i said. dillan was a slitherin quidditch captain. and as mean as they could get.. "you should have heard what he said to aneka!" then sarah said, "this is gonna be a long year."

i had just started at Hogwarts and it was about all my family could afford. i was exited, but a lot of people were bullying the first years. my dad had passed away the previous month and my mom was broke. then i didn't want to go to school. i wanted to help my mom care for my two younger brothers. mom made me go. she said it was okay to leave and not be able to help her. i didn't think so.
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