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Hello ppl! How ya doing? Good? Great? FANTASTIC! I know, I'm weird don't hate me..

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Name: Lixxadore Light Shadows Nickname: Lixxie
Age: 15
Hair color: Brown, side-swept & straight
Eye color: Grey, can turn red when angered or injured
Favorite food & drink (Wizarding and non): Muggle: Tacos and Pepsi Wizarding: Chocolate Frogs, or Cauldron Cakes, and Buttertbeer
Likes: Reading, writing, cats, magical animals, stuffed animals, being mostly alone
Dislikes: Crowds, bullying, animal abuse, dementors, black dogs, raptor birds, slugs
Favorite Class(es): Charms, Transfiguration
Least Favorite Class(es): Herbology, Divination (even though I haven't actually taken that class)
Dream of Being: Quidditch player, caretaker of magical creatures, or Mistress of Magic
Blood type: Muggle-born

I am a Slytherin witch, the Sorting Hat took what felt like forever. It took me by surprise when it shouted, "Slytherin!" Being a new student here, this being my second day, I've only had a few classes, but I think my favorite class would have to be... Charms. I am muggleborn. It might come to you as a surprise, a muggleborn Slytherin witch, I've yet to make friends, I don't know if I put an off putting vibe or I just am too shy to talk to anyone. My greatest strength I would think is my wit. My greatest weaknesses are: large raptor birds, giant slugs and big black dogs. I want to be a Magical Creatures Caretaker, or a Quidditch champion. I'd say Wandlore is quite fascinating, I might study it next year if I can along with Ancient Runes. Eventually, I want to hold a hawk, pet a Rottweiler and pull at least 20 pranks by the end of my third year at Hogwarts. I have three cats, Oreo, Magpie, and Shadow. If it were my decision I would've renamed them. Shadow to Bear, Oreo to Yin and Magpie to Yang. Shadow is a jet black cat with a white patch on her chest, Oreo is a black and white cat (her patterns much resemble a muggle cookie called an Oreo), and Magpie is a black and white female. I actually picked out her name, but I got Magpie before Oreo and Shadow, so I couldn't pick a pairing name. My parents are very strict, but supporting. The first time they figured I was a witch was when I saw the Night Bus while we were walking home (we live next to a big park with a theatre). I asked if I could talk to the person boarding the bus and my parents couldn't see the bus so they took me to a muggle doctor because they thought I was delusional. If my parents saw all the classes I had they would go mad with worry. I am looking forward to seeing them again.

My Role Play characters (mostly my OC's)

Lixxadore Lydia Shadows
Age: 12
Year: 2nd
Background: Lixxadore is very shy and nervous when meeting new people. Has stern parents, they want her to succeeded. Found out she could preform magic when her backpack followed her home when she lost it. Is an animagus (brown wolf)
Looks: Flowing, long brown hair; grey eyes, turn red when angered or sad; somewhat athletic body type; 5'9; 91 lbs; always wears a charm bracelet her best friend Scott gave her
Likes: Reading and writing; animals, especially cats; tacos and chocolate frogs; stuffed animals; and drawing
Dislikes: Bullies; super outgoing people; licorice
Fears: Big black dogs; raptor birds; slugs; most ghosts (The Bloody Baron in particular); being alone forever

Lucinda Grace Anderson
Age: 14
Year: 4th
Background: Lives with her sister, lived with mom before she died, dad died three years before her mom died. sister: Belladonna
Looks: Medium-cut ginger hair; dazzling green eyes; slim body; 5'11, 94 lbs
Likes: Tranquility; dogs; Cauldron Cakes
Dislikes: People with annoying habits; disruption; loudness; Pumpkin Pasties
Fears: Too much power; the city of Scaria; being rejected

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