Rebecca Knox

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Books are my life, so it's best I learn to avoid a death from one... ;)

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Name: Rebecca Daye Knox
Occupation: Owner of "Peculiar Reads" Bookshop
Blood Status: Muggleborn
House: Gryffindor
Wand: 10 ¾", Alder, Unicorn Hair, Slightly Springy
Pet: Cat (Half Kneazle)
Patronus: Dapple Grey Mare

Yeah, I know, a bookstore! With a world of magical possibilities opened to me after graduating from Hogwarts, and I choose to be a librarian? Well, libraries are home to me. What's a muggle born witch to do if her first comfort continues to be her passion? Before I even knew I was a witch, they always spoke to me and were always there, and I mean literally. Anytime I needed a book, there it was, sitting on my bedside table. Needing a little pic me up, look around and there would be one sitting lovingly next to me, just begging to be enjoyed. Don't ask me how, they just showed up! I just assumed that's how it worked. Of course, my family was quick to point out how crazy I was if I ever mentioned it. Then I got my Hogwarts letter, and after a bit of skepticism, I decided to check it out. What could it hurt?... Best decision ever! Anyways, my job allows me to live between the magical and muggle world. Which is a bit handy as my family is still a bit hesitant around anything magical. (And muggle music and books always have a place in my heart and thus, my bookshop. I can't leave them behind.) Besides my job is a necessity in muggle relations. You wouldn't believe the amount of magical and dangerous books that make their way into muggle hands. Someone has to be accessible for these situations and that's where me and my shop come into play. Curses, potions, souls (do I need to mention horcruxes?),enchantments, etc. . So many books come into contact with these items, so knowing how to recognize and handle any particular situation is key to maintaining our secrecy. Even witches and wizards come to me with book problems. (And trust me, they get as much enjoyment out of my muggle books as I do.) So, yes, a bookstore! "Peculiar Reads" to be exact. It's my little piece of heaven!
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