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Nice to see you on my profile. Tell me if you see any penguins, tell me if you see the boys. Also take a look at my bio. Wallstalkers always welcome.

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Hello I'm Luke Hemmings of 5SOS. ;) ❤✌

About me:
Name: Luke Robert Hemmings
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Family: Mom~ Liz Hemmings, Dad~ Andrew Hemmings, brothers Ben and Jack Hemmings, gf Melissa ❤, and my little boy Harvey Levi Hemmings ❤
BFFS: ~ Ash :P, Cal :D, Mikey :* (Since a young age) ~ Puppy Dog, Melissa, J Low, Brittney, Kota (so far)
Friends: (so far) Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, and Michael Clifford, Brittney, Aurora, Nessa Gilson, Edalyn Grace, Autumn, Perseus, Kat Granger, Rayden, and others :D
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Dating Melissa ❤✌
Favorite Activities: writing songs, playing guitar, hanging out with my mates, EATING, hanging out with my girlfriend ❤
Pets: (None yet; a penguin would be nice, but so would a dog)

My Son {Harvey Levi Hemmings}

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~ He's trying to master the hairdo like his daddy ~

Nicknames (XD):
1. Lukey (Brittney and others)
2. Skywalker (Brittney)
3. Lucas (Aurora and some family :P)
4. Hemorrhoid (Perseus) *sighs*
5. Lucifer (Rosalie)
6. Lukie (Melissa)
7. Hemmo (had since I was young and still do)
8. Penguin :P (Puppy Dog)
9. Hemmy (J Low)
10. LUKE (Everyone)
11. Herminator (Kat)
12. Лука (Viktor)
13. Wilson (Star)
14. SPAM (Rayden)
15. Pepperoni (Star)


Started playing guitar and singing at a young age. Went to high school with Michael and Calum and made a band (5SOS). We then started practicing more as Ashton came into the picture. We then started with doing covers on YouTube. We've made many albums since then. Today we have millions of fans worldwide, and we love each and every one of you! ❤✌

Some pictures of me:

upload pic

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My face when someone takes my food :(

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Like the pocket shirt?


{Sometimes I think on the YouTube videos my performances could be better.}

× Did I tell you that I like penguins? ×

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Lol :P

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<Keep an eye out for our tour dates and locations.> :D

Me and my Mates (Mikey, Cal, Ash):

Me and Cal

Me and Ash

images shares

Me and Mikey

~ Need accounts for Ash, Mikey, and Calum. :P ~ (If you could help me this that'd be great :^) )

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