Kyrie Prince


Proud Head of Slytherin House and DADA professor. Fiercely loyal, shrewdly ambitious and viciously cunning, but also wise, patient and kind.

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Name: Kyrie Jovini Prince

Description: Five-foot-five female in her early 20's, with tawny skin, short, thick dark brown hair and deep brown eyes; they turn black when she uses Legilimency or Occlumency.

Position: Head of Slytherin House and DADA Professor.

Personality: Slytherin soul with a Gryffindor heart, a Ravenclaw mind, and Hufflepuff emotion.

Skills: Legilimency, Occlumency, Leeching and occasional Transfiguration. Wickedly skilled on the Quidditch pitch as well, if that counts...

Summary: As Hogwarts' newest--and youngest--staff member, I do have a bit of a time wrangling with students who are close to my own age. It's an intimidating thing to be both Head of Slytherin House and DADA professor, but my reputation seems to precede me. As a student, I was close friends with all four Houses; I do enjoy the looks on peoples' faces when they discover that I, a Slytherin, am Muggle-born and unashamed to admit it. Yes, I am also a distant relative to former Headmaster Severus Snape through his mother's estranged sister...ask more when we have time if you're truly curious.
Now, I also have a set of natural magical powers which set me apart--one in particular. I am a Leech, perhaps the rarest type of power known to exist; in fact, History of Magic tells Leeches to be extinct. Obviously they were wrong, but I digress. As a Leech, I am able to extract magical energy and power from another spellcaster by means of mere physical contact. I have developed and refined it over the years, so that now I can perfectly control the amount of energy I siphon. It is an incredibly useful ability to have, even more so that is it nonverbal and wandless.
During my years at Hogwarts, I was Captain of Slytherin's elite Quidditch team and a Chaser. Occasionally, if I'm in a good mood, I might even dust off my broom and go for a fly 'round the pitch. Students have challenged me to matches before...none of them have won.
My familiar is an old tabby cat named Sunny--she bites, so don't touch her.
I am an acclaimed Legilimens/Occlumens as well, perhaps due to my Snape lineage. My Patronus is a Manx Cat, my wand twelve and a half inches of slightly flexible English Oak with a Unicorn Hair core.
Also know that I value my students above all else; if you are a pupil in any class or House, come to me first. There is no hatred or discrimination here. If you harm any of the students under my care at Hogwarts, I will personally see to it that you spend at least a week in the Forbidden Forest. If you manage to come out alive, you won't get past me alive, I assure you of that.
That being said, take care not to wake this snake.
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