Lyra Embers

Ravenclaw Student

Hello you lovely person! I'm Lyra, Lyra Embers, and it's positively wonderful to meet you. Thanks for checking out my page!

  • Joined September 2017
  • Member of Ravenclaw
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  • 1st Year
  • United States


I have a sensitive soul, and I love to dream. I always felt like there was something more to my life then primary and secondary school, regular household chores, and constantly trying to find someone to connect to. But those were just hopes and wishes. When my eleventh birthday came, I received my Hogwarts Letter. It said I was a witch, and that there was a school for people like me. There was an immense feeling of understanding that passed over me, and I felt happy. I felt giddy and excited and joyful. I was sorted into Ravenclaw, and I love the people here. The other students really accept me, and they make me feel like I can do anything. They make me feel like it's okay to be different, and it's okay to dream, and be sensitive and care too much. Hogwarts has changed me, and that's something I'll never be able to repay. These few years of my life are beautiful, and some part of me wishes there were a way to stop time from moving, just a little.
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