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English magic is rather weird, but I'm learning the best I can! Still sticking to my roots though, so I am more than welcome to answer any questions.

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Hello! I am a transfer student from Canada! My big brother and big sister decided it would be a good idea to send me to a proper magic school, there is only so much one can learn at home after all. Unfortunately, there are no "real" magical schools in Canada (due to a mixed up history I would assume) and America is a rather scary country, so Hogwarts was basically the next best thing. Before coming here, I did a lot of studying in various forms of magic, from alchemy to sigilcraft, though it seems these are not commonly practiced here in the U.K. At the very least I have something extra to study in my free time.

I was sorted into Hufflepuff, though I think the hat was having trouble where to put me exactly. I honestly don't get why the school runs on trying to separate its' students so much, but I will run with it for the sake of not causing a ruckus.

if you occasionally hear a couple weird sounds coming from me, it's because I have taken to adopting this kitten I found while on my way to the train station. He's still rather young so I need to keep an eye on him at all times.

Unfortunately, my BSL is a little dry at the moment, as I am more used to ASL back home. No worries though, I keep a small whiteboard with me at all times.

((This profile shall be treated as if Lu actually had a magical social media account. Whenever there is something to be posted out of character, it shall be signaled in the beginning.))

Full name: Lu Rain-Fugioka
Nicknames: Twinkle Toes, Finn, witch freak, Goddy-Two Shoes, etc
Age: 10
Gender: Neutral (non-binary. They/them pronouns)
Orientation: Panromantic, Asexual
Occupation: Magic Student/ Gradeschool student/ Ballet student
Personality: Optimistic, kind, inquisitive, energetic, bubbly while calm, headstrong, and hard to change their mind. Chaotic good.
Birthplace: Ceadervile
Blood Status: unknown
Wand: (Lu moreso uses magic by hand, though they do use amplifiers of various kinds.
Before coming to England, they had never used a wand before, so they ended up creating a "wand"
themself using various magic-amplifying materials.) 25 cm, Moose Antler (hollowed out piece to use as the casing), unicorn horn, quartz, amethyst, (more to be added to the core as more material becomes available)
doused in solar eclipse water.
Quidditch Position: None. They hate broomsticks, flying carpets just make a lot more sense overall.
Pet: Doomy (Hairless Sphynx kitten currently under their care.)
Patronus: Raven
Animagus: none as of yet.
Boggart: unknown as of yet.
Species: Kupua/"Changer" (This is a fact unknown to Lu at present time, and will rarely affect a story unless it is brought up.)
Nationality: Coast Saalish, Canada (A "wizarding world" doesn't really exist in Canada for a variety of reasons. Most meetings with magical folk are done like any other, just with the magic kept hidden.)
Family: Unknown, though adopted by Susan and Alex Fugioka as a younger sibling.
Where I stand with the ministry: It's obvious many of them are trying their best to do good, though it is also very obvious it's run by backward, bureaucratic nonsense.
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