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Hi, Slytherin student here, writing a book in the library called, Practice of the Dark Arts, plz go read it, and owl me what you think, thx!

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Name: Peeves MacFarlan
Age: ?
Birthplace: Black Forest Germany
Appearance: Red eyes from too much exposure to dark magic, usually a black cloak, black wavy hair, 5'8, always changing for the what the job needs to be.
Family: Orphaned at birth
Birthday: Whenever I feel like it

(Go to bottom for rp rules!)

Appearance: Usually with dark robes, and always with a hood that covers my face, I can shape shift into anyone that I want to though, but no animals, people have mistaken me for being a dementor for the chill that I give off when i'm not holding in my aura.

I was born indefinitely ago in the Black wood Forests of Germany when the inhumane sin was done there, cannibalism, I was born from the hunger for more human flesh that my body was formed to allow me the best possible way to do that. I put myself into a deep sleep to see how the world would be affected without me, though I am not sure if that was such a good idea seeing all the misery that humans have unleashed on human nature. Before it was sticks and stones, occasionally a sharpened weapon that only killed a couple dozen people, but now with the new age, bombs can wipe out entire cities, destroying millions of lives, I awoke only recently and have not gained back my full powers. Then I found something called magic and the wizarding world. After stealing a wand from an old man's shop, I figured out by myself how to make a living off of the dark arts. I ain't no Aurora though, most of my magic is either stolen from books, or made by myself, my favorite spell by far is Sectumsempra, which I found in a book, I tested it once, and I must say that the results are fantastic. Changing my body slightly, as well as hiding the amount of magical power I have, I enrolled at Hogwarts, and went through the curriculum, gaining more and more knowledge with each passing day. Nobody but a select few no of my heritage, and now I bring the winter, letting the countries in the world experience the winter and letting it rage across the world.

Locker in Diagon alley, with no trace of name, usually sells information or taking out targets, I set the boundaries for galleons, if you can pay it, i'll do it.

Wand always with me hidden in gauntlet in left hand, knife belt with 2 daggers both within easy reach in case of emergency, suitcase of guns, bombs, poison, medication, and electronic devices from time spent in the muggle world.

Mostly uses dark magic, able to use pretty much all muggle weapons there are, lost count of how many assassinations I've completed, poison master, master at stealth, not as good at espionage, nothing with children unless absolutely necessary.
perfect transformation into a human and perfect control over my power of cold. Apparation is my bread and butter form of travel as well as battle.

Weakness; Fire when in Wendigo form, slight weakness to silver, can be sent to Tartarus, extremely greedy for money, it's the only thing that will ever matter

I have been on earth for as long as earth has been around, I was one of the first of my species that ever existed, I am older than the some of the Gods themselves, over the years, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge from everywhere in the world, I have seen the worst of humankind has to offer, and I thrived in it, I have worked for gods, men, and monsters alike who are willing to pay the price. I don't have emotions, but I can be very sarcastic and cold when I feel like it or want to antagonise my enemy.

Special skills:
Able to apparate without a wand, can sense people's trace or magic leakage from too many run ins with the law, know all the unforgivable curses by memory and have even sometimes combined them, can get into your head in a multitude of ways, as long as I can prepare and research, i'm confident that I can defeat anyone. I have managed to communicate with dementor's and they gave me a gift after rescuing some of them from a very powerful expecto patronum spell, that power was flight without a wand. I have a photographic memory and that lets me apparate around almost anywhere. I also gained blessings from a house elf and managed to absorb a phenix. Let me say that it was the worst decision of my life, I didn't get anything cool like breathing fire, or healing with my tears, just the ability to apparate anywhere even if there are charms in place. A wall in the shape of a ring rises up around me when I apparate using my phoenix powers, reaching degrees up to 300 degrees celsius.

Just want to spend my days on earth having fun and doing what I do best, wants to be an animagus (Would help a lot with jobs that required sneaking in, hopefully some bug), to eat and satisfy my hunger

It's kinda whatever fits, I can change as the story goes on, but it's pretty much whatever you want it to be at the beginning. It you need a bad guy, that's fine with me, or I can just be a student, or pretty much whatever you need. I just try my best to make sure the story flows smoothly, and to get as much fun out of it as possible. Also, i'm not a huge stickler on how long it has to be, so if it's only one sentence, that's totally fine with me since sometimes there's just nothing else you can write.
However, please do your best to have it be something that keeps the story moving or some action. Gracias!
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