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student, tattoo artist, healer

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I grew up with my Uncle, a muggle, my mother, a witch and professional dragonologist, and my Twin brother, Ari Lost. My mother Halai Lost studies dragons so I've learned a lot about them. I'm very good at transfiguration since my mother is exceptional at it she has taught Phaedra and I. We can transfigure almost anything, including living things. My brother and I are inseparable. When we were little, in the fall, we would always splash in the leaves, play tag, you know, that kind of stuff. To be honest, I thought I'd be in Hufflepuff with him, but nope. Now he feels as though he's not enough and I feel like I'm evil and arrogant. My "parents" weren't upset when I was put in Slytherin. However, a lot of other people were disappointed and I'm not sure what I did, what any of us did. But we are judged and stereotyped for being the mean/evil house. We're not! To be honest, all I want to do is create, make art! I am a tattoo artist with my Uncle, BJ. We live in a small tattoo shop down a random ally, where I work with my dad. People think we are dodgy or weird but I think we are one of the best and most creative tattoo artists in the world. My life as a kid was kinda rough, My family was poor, so I often stole from thrift stores in order to get clothes and stuff. I also shoplifted for food and spraypaint, though my mother and brother insist on making all of my dyes and paints. I like to do graffiti I honestly believe that you gotta do what you gotta do in order to survive. I think my greatest weakness would be my recklessness. I will do almost anything to get what I want or need. I will do anything to protect my family. I have a baby dragon which is funny because Hogwarts doesn't allow dragons. It's actually a paper dragon that I made with Ari before we left for Hogwarts. Our mother enchanted them so they would live and breathe. Mine is named Midnight and Ari's is Dawn. My dragon is jet black with many spikes. He's like the midnight sky because though he's pitch black on the outside, his heart is as big and bright as the moon. Occasionally he'll have some white, star looking sparks come out of his nose, not enough to harm anyone though. While I'm walking around in Hogwarts he'll usually twirl himself around my headphones, but sometimes he acts like a chocker. Speaking of Hogwarts, One thing I am really good at is potions, specifically healing potions. I'm not exactly sure what I'm wanting to do when I get out of school, but I'm ok with being the kid I am right now.

Name- Phaedra Lost
Sexuality- Bisexual
Parents- Doesn't know father, mother is Halai Lost (OC)
Siblings- Twin Brother, Ari, small scrawny boy, brown hair tinted turquoise, kindest person on the planet
Personality- Adventurous, crazy, quiet, serious, daring, friendly, artistic
Looks- Pale skin, 6', long, wavy, light green hair, surprisingly strong, hazel eyes w/green edges.
Wears- Casual- black jeans, Imagine Dragons tee, pale green beanie, moon necklace, combat boots, etc
Wand- 10 3/4 inch, Vine, Graphorn horn, quite bendy
Hobbies- reading, drawing, thinking, listening to music
Pet- Dragon named Midnight
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