music-loving vampire girl

I speak fluently in bald eagle. CA-CAW!

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Species: Half vampire / Half demon
Demeanor: Friendly
Hair: Jet black, shoulder length
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Dark brown
Sexuality: Bi
Relationship status: In an open relationship with my GF
Age: 19
Political Party: Right-leaning Libertarian
Favorite ice cream: Rocky road
From: NC (North Carolina)
Patronus: White-tailed deer
Enjoys: Survivalism, Comics, Video Games, Cosplay, Recreational Shooting, Outdoorsyness, My GF, Writing, and Meeting New People.

•Make it interesting! If we’re just talking, but in quotes, what’s the point of roleplaying at all?
•Please make your writing legible
•No asterisks
•I prefer 3rd person writing, but if all other rules are followed there won’t be an issue
•Let me know if you’re not enjoying the rp, or if you’d like to make an AU detail. Communication is important!
•If you’re starting, please make the rp setting clear! I don’t want to have to guess where I am.
•Don’t control my actions
•If our OC’s haven’t met before, they haven’t met before! End of.

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