Smart Swag

Witch Bitch

If you're about to get stabbed just say "I have too much swagger for the dagger" and they will leave u alone

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  • Georgia


Blood status: Half-blood
Wand: Rowan wood with a dragon heartstring core 11 1/2 and Resonably supple flexibility
Patronus: Wolf
Pet: Owl
Clubs: Astronomy club; Art club for Ravenclaw; Dueling club; Hogwarts gobstones club

Also me:
- screaming random facts 24/7
- lost in my imagination 24/7
- being curious over everything 24/7
- killing people in my mind 24/7
- making blanket forts 24/7
- crying 24/7
- stargazing somehow 24/7

My talents include saying the right things at the wrong time and tripping over imaginary objects. Oh, and climbing trees.
wanna know stuff about me?
i'm an arrogant kid who daydreams of world domination and story plots. i'm odd affectionate,sarcastic,adventurous,hotheaded and i know when to shut up. i also like birbs and memes

single and unsure how to mingle

you know that the universe hates you when you want to be an astronaut more than anything but have extreme motion sickness.

netflix & chill by myself

call me crazy but i'm pretty sure my parrot watches me sleep while planning my murder in her head,like "soon human...i shall suffocate you while you sleep by stuffing bird litter down your throat *demonic birb laughter*

my life is a train wreck on fire,but at least there's free wifi on the train


*thinks of something funny* *giggles quietly* *starts laughing* *is now wheezing like a dying walrus* *people are staring with horror and concern*

did you know that arachnophobia is the fear of spiders *sweats nervously and checks corner for spiders*

big talk=torture

i have a several life goals; and one of them is to jump into a black hole.

#Expelliarmus #mouthbreathers
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