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I never believed that I would ever be able to go to hogwarts! When I was younger, I always did odd things. One time, I made my cat fly. Sometimes, me and my twin sister Julie would go to the beach. I would stay quiet, and she always thought I only saw waves. But I saw more. I like to go to the beach alone at night. I saw the moon, and felt more happy then ever before. I have a special affiliation with water: my eyes look like the sea on a stormy day, bright blue, with a little grey. My hair is dirty blond, but more blond. I'm a little short for my age (I'm twelve, almost thirteen) and I wear glasses (Brown and lavender frames.) My favorite colors are lemon yellow, lavender purple, and ocean blue, but I also like greys, whites, blacks, and light pastel colors. I love to play the cello, read, write, and before I came to hogwarts I loved math, but now I'm interested in arithmancy. The first spell I ever conjured was a patronus. My patronus is a dapple grey stallion. It was beautiful. My twin sister is also magical, but the rest of my family are muggles. My wand is Beech wood and the core is unicorn hair. It is 10 ¾" in length. I am top of my class, all O's, and at muggle school, all A's. I want to be an unspeakable or an auror when I graduate. I hope to make the quidditch team, and I think I'm okay as a chaser.

The day I got my letter, I was sitting in my living room, reading a book, trying to block out the sound the radio playing. The door bell rung, but I didn't get up to get it. I just kept on reading. When it rung again, I went to go get my parents. They told me to just leave it, which I did. However, the person at the door didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave, and kept ringing the doorbell. I finally had enough and, against my sister's protests, went to answer the door. The woman there was small and had greying hair. She wore a long silver cloak. I thought that it was odd, as I had never seen anyone dress in such way as this. When I asked her what she wanted, she asked to see my parents. So I called for my moms, named Elizabeth and Christine. They came running, and the woman explained to them about me and my sister being wizards. Of course, they had heard of Harry Potter and the wizarding world through the books, but they never thought it was anything but fiction. I had, of course produced magic before, but I never thought I would actually go to hogwarts, even though it was my dream. I was so happy that both Ella and I were going, I accidentally made the book I was holding levitate a few inches. My parents were convinced it was some kind of hoax, and only believe the woman, who's name turned out to be Andrea. The following day, we visited DIagon Alley.

On the train, I acted as my normal weird self: talk about things that no one has interest in, knowing to much for my own good, say things that are hard for others to comprehend, ask people to guess the definition of different words that no one has ever heard of. Yeah, I know I'm super weird. I also talk about different creatures people don't think are real, different constellations, and all the things I learned in the books I got in Diagon Alley. I tried different spells and they all worked. I think people felt like I was too weird to be around, but I did manage to make a friend with one girl other than my twin, Kelly Quinn.

I hope this year goes well. I will study hard and do my best. I hope to make more friends. I hope more people like me. I hope people would drop the name "Ecentric Echo" because honestly, I'm not that weird.

P.S: Guess what the word sesquipedalian means.
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