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Name: Nymphodora Luna Potter
House : Ravenclaw
Wand : Elm wood, 14 1/2 inch, unicorn hair core with plaint flexibility
Blood status : muggle born
Education : First year
School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Favourite subject : Defence against Dark Arts
Hobbies : reading stories, listening to songs, drawing , watching movies and lots more.
Dream job : Auror
Excited to : Learn magic and Quidditch.

Hello friends!
In my 11th birthday when I received my Hogwarts letter l couldn't believe my eyes. That night I went to sleep with the letter in my hand. I didn't want to loose it. The next morning when I wake up I thought it was a amazing dream but it couldn't happen in real and started thinking about my dull life again. It was not that I hadn't got a good life but it became a typical life. There was no adventure,no tension in it. It became very boring.
But when I went to eat the breakfast my mother congrated me and said " From the very beginning we noticed something special in you and that's it. Well done. We're proud of you. Your father will come early from work and we will go to buy your books and wand."
In the evening I went to Diagonally and I bought my wand and books for my first first year.
On 1st September I came to Kings Cross. I was excited as well as very nervous. I managed to get into platform 9 3/4 without any trouble. Then I saw the Hogwarts express standing there with all Hogwarts students. I boarded the train.
In the great hall during the sorting hat ceremony when I put on the hat it took approximately 4 minutes to decide whether I will be at Ravenclaw or at Hufflepuff. Then it put me into Ravenclaw.
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