Jinx Malfoy


Can be super sarcastic. Bad ass.

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I am in Slytherin House the sorting hat made that selection because like all Malfoy's I am cunning, ambitious, and can be very rude. The sorting hat's decision was imediate. My favorite class is potions, but right next to that is Defense Against the Dark Arts. My least favorite class is Herbology. I did well in hirstory of magic class, but it is boring and i really don't like it. I come from a long line of Malfoy's, so of course I'm a pure-blood. My blood status has not effected my life in the Wizarding World(besides the fact that I hate Mud-bloods). It was glorius both times until he was deffeted both times. My greatest strength my parents say is my ability to talk to snakes, because they will listen to me. I haven't found any weaknesses of my own. What I really want the most is the alixar of life made by the sorcerers stone,but that was crushed into tiny little peices years ago. I have an owl. Her name is Iris and she obeys me perfectly and she will not listen to anybody unless I tell her to. There is only one thing intersting about my family and that is the fact that we are all pure-bloods. The only disagreement that my family has is about the time my cousin Draco had a crush on a mud-blood and the whole family including me hated that.
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