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Time is free but it's priceless, you can't own it but you can use it, you can't keep it but you can spend it, once it's gone you cannot get it back.

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RP Rules: I only RP with people who write long, descriptive and creative replies. I cannot stand bad grammar and spelling. I understand if you make one or two mistakes in a long reply but don’t write all your I's as “i”. Also, I prefer roleplaying in 3rd person, past tense. If you want me to change that, I will but know that I may slip up and go back to 3rd person/past tense. Please, please, please, take it somewhere! Be creative and let us not stay on just speaking RP, I want so action! Excitement! If you don’t meet these criteria, I will delete your post.

History: My name is Alhea Tyme and I was supposedly born May 31, 2000. That is not my real birthdate, just my chosen one for I cannot disclose information such as that. I have been alive for millennia and still remember most everything I have seen. Exceptional and godawful. Beautiful and hideous, it’s still reality. I have no parents and it’s not like I don’t know them, I actually have no parents. In my most recent years, I have been traveling here and there, doing this and that. Of course, for plenty of time I knew of the magical schools, in fact, I had mapped and surveyed all of them, undetected of course. For future reference which turned out to be a good idea. So, I decided to go and check out this one first before going to others. Plus, I felt oddly drawn to Hogwarts. Well, not very odd seeing how I’d felt that pull before and I know what it means, yeah just scratch the “odd” part. Anyway, I spoke to the headmistress and told her of my...situation and she agreed to let me stay here, forget my “age” since time doesn’t exactly hold me in its clutches. And here I am.

Family: None though, I have pretended to be part of countless families and I have also gone under the last names of very old and beneficial families. It does help my...hmm, what would I call it? Lifestyle. Yes.

Origin: I am part of an extremely old species. In fact, we don’t have a date of creation because no one knows when we were created for we have been here since the beginning of time. Of course, I’m not that old in fact, I’m one of the youngest of my kind (whose numbers are dwindling). I’m called a Timekeeper. I’ve only ever met two before me and one has joined the Forgotten, a group of Timekeepers who have not “died” but faded. It’s hard to explain but they have basically disappeared from the physical parts of the universe. I have no idea where the other is so I can only make vague assumptions. So, the Timekeepers are as the name says. We keep time. Not like, we constantly watch the clock. No, we are a people that live throughout the years, keeping track of time and space and making sure all is balanced. Here’s what I mean by balance. See, the universe’s...path has been lightly outlined. As in, it’s not definite and it is changeable, in fact, it’s as if there are many different pathways it could take but there is one that’s bolder than others, stronger. The Timekeepers are meant to keep it on that bolder pathway. We must try to prevent it from straying to another path and if it does, we are responsible for fixing it. And this is not just Earth, we have traveled to many other places. Okay, I must admit (with a most immeasurable amount of dissatisfaction) that I have indeed not gone far from Earth as in, the moon. Of course, I do know the legends of famous Timekeepers who have traveled to the far corners of the universe. There are many laws that I don’t care to list right now. The one I deem most important is the law that says no Timekeeper can tell another species information from any time in the past that isn’t meant to be known. So, if you asked me something humanity doesn’t know but I do, I cannot tell you.

Timekeeper Abilities: Well, we can’t go back or forth in time but we can see the footprints of every living being everywhere if we chose. It’s not really a thing with an on and off switch, in fact, it takes a lot of concentration for me and even then it lasts almost an insignificant amount of time. For example, if need be, I can focus on a specific set of footprints from a certain time period (whether it be centuries or hours) but I cannot follow them for a long amount of time. As for how long I can hold them exactly, well, it’s not exact. It depends on how many footprints I’m looking at and how much vitality I have. For example, I may be very energized and awake but if I’m looking at, say, thirty to ninety footprints, I may be able to hold the sight for about fifteen minutes. As far as identification goes, I can normally sense the vibes someone gives off. It’s hard to explain (like a lot of this). Depending on the age of the person, I can tell their origin or blood. If I am familiar with them, I can tell it’s them. It’s easier if I have something of theirs or I know them personally.
Timekeepers can also slow down time to a certain extent. Naturally, I try not to do this too much. Plus, I can’t slow down time to the extent that I can run around the world and have it only take a minute or so to others. I can make moments go a little bit slower, giving me the advantage in a fight. So, to me, I feel like the world around me is slower while to the world around me, I’m faster. But not by much.
A more common ability I have is shapeshifting. I can shapeshift into any living being. It definitely helps me. So, as a shapeshifter, I can also change my body. So, if I want to be a boy, I can be a boy. If I want to be a girl, I can be a girl. If I want to be non-binary, I can be non-binary. I can change my appearance so I can be tall or short, slim or obese (preferably the former though!)
Now, this isn’t really an ability. Actually, it’s not, more of an enhancement. So, if I’m around any time-related device such as a clock (the most obvious thing), a metronome, a watch and the like, my abilities are boosted. So, if I’m nearby (maybe within a few feet of) something used to measure time I might be able to see more footprints for an extended amount of time or I might be able to slow down time for a longer period.

Current Appearance: Right now, I have skin as pale as parchment paper and I have very vibrant, red, curly hair. It’s very wild and likes to do its own thing. Sometimes I straighten it and tame the craziness but I usually stick with the crazy hair. I have striking blue eyes, unnaturally bright like the exact place the sky and sea meet. With a smoother jawline, I have full cheeks. Depending on my mood, I may have freckles sprinkled across my face. I have thin, light pink lips along with thin eyebrows and slightly wide and deep eyes. I’m 5'5” with a slim and curvy build.

Personality: It really varies from time to time like, for a while, I might be somewhat shy and quiet while other times I’m crazy and outgoing. I’m always very intelligent, logical and kind-hearted. I’m usually able to make the most reasonable decision since I’ve learned to put my feelings after my logic. I’m very determined and stubborn, always sticking with what I believe and very rarely letting what others think sway my thoughts. I love adventure and don’t mind putting myself in the path of danger as my long existence does tend to get mildly boring after a while. I’m very patient (I must be, living this long) though I do get very frustrated if people act ignorant and imbecilic.

Sexuality: Well, currently I think of myself as pansexual (I’m also pangender so yay!). Right now I am single and ready to mingle. I have had countless relationships in the past (unavoidable if I’ve been here for such an infinite amount of time) and I warn you that one day when you grow old, I will still look the same as I do now (if I chose) and I shall not die with you.

Significant Possessions: I own a very old stone. Yep, I have a pre-prehistoric rock. Just kidding, it’s actually a crystal (so far unidentified) that shines with a luminescent red light. No matter where, it glows. Only an inch long and about half an inch wide, it’s very small so I wear it around my neck. I recently got a wand made from the wood of the oldest tree in the world, Methuselah, a 4,845-year-old Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) from the White Mountains of California. The core is a strand of my own hair and it’s 10 inches and 3 centimeters. I also own a dagger made from silver. The hilt has an intricate clock on it and in the center of the clock is a sapphire.

Animals: As an animal lover, I have a large tiger named Emberias. He has dusty, charcoal black fur and vibrant flaming stripes, colors varying from the bright blue of the hottest flame to sunlike yellow to flaming orange. He is immortal and loyal to me. He will not hesitate to follow me anywhere I go. He will always protect me from danger and we are a pair.

Wow, thanks for reading all that (if you did)! Hope to roleplay with you soon!
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