Madison Ella Olivia Black

Student and Protective Older Sister

Cousin of Levi, Harry, Adelaide and Aniyah Potter. Older sister of Aaliyah and Tommy, you'll have to deal with me if you mess with any of them

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  • Australia


Name- Madison Lily Black 

Height- 5'7

Pronouns- She/Her

Sexuality- Straight

Birthday- May 19th so I'm 17 years old 

Blood Status- Pure Blood

Look- Long blonde hair with blue eyes 

Pet- A light brown and white Barn owl called Prince  

Patronus- Fox  

Animagus- An Eagle

Favourite Season- Spring

Boggart- Losing my family 

Wand-14 inches in length, oak wood with a pheonix feather core, very strong and very responsive

Broom- A Firebolt that my adoptive father gave me on my 11th Birthday  

Favourite Quote“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose”

Amortencia- Grass (due to her playing quidditch), freshly made bread and chocolate chip cookies(due to her love of cooking) and the smell of new books (due to her love of reading)

Parents- Ella Black (Dead) and unknown father (Death Eater who died during the Battle of Hogwarts)  

Siblings- Older sister of Tommy and Aaliyah 

CousinsLevi Adrian Potter, Harry James Potter, Aniyah Lily Potter, Luka Matteo Snape and Adelaide Ellie-May Black

Guardians- Sirius and the Weasleys 

BackstoryI was adopted by a rich family when I was a baby after my mother died and my father did too, and lived with them until I was 14. Not long after I turned 14 though, they went travelling and never returned, leaving me in a massive house on my own. Thankfully though, Sirius invited me to stay with him in a new house that he pruchased after Grimmuald Place became too much for him in terms of the memories it held. I live with him now and my cousins often come and visit/stay, along with my younger brother and sister too

Please please be nice to me, I can be shy but I love making friends. However if you are mean or rude I will not be as nice. I always stick up for the people who stick up for me so if anyone is mean to any of my friends or my family, you've been warned

How my OCs look for my RPs. These are the main ones I use  

All the stuff I can do RPs with-


If the site goes down again, please add me on discord, my username is Madison Black#0156 and that way we can continue an rp if we have one, i just ask that you copy in the last message from this website onto discord so that we have a starting point :) 

I do FxF, MxM and FxM so please feel free to message me on my board or my owls with ideas and I will reply as I check the site regularly 

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