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The Hat was always going to choose Slytherin. I see magic as magic without barriers between light and dark when used properly. I value traditions and people who barge into my world and act as if the muggle world is just a more modern version of the wizarding world infuriate me. Ever since I can remember, I've looked forwards to potion. Something about having a set of instructions and just knowing that a few steps could make the difference between a love potion and a draught of death simply enthralls me. I come from a traditionalist pureblood family, however I admire Dumbledore for theway he manipulates events to become the hero and the way he has achieved so much success over the years. His political agenda however, isn't without its faults. Voldermort, on the other hand, lacks a necessary finesse in his plans. I am surprisingly, quite open minded, however, I greatly care about family image and reputation. After graduation, I intend to take the family seat in the wizengamont and to be a visible member of the social circles. I intend to be remembered through time, be that for any reason. After all, that is the only way to be immortalized.
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