࿌Heather Finch-Fletchley࿌

Studen, soon to be Healer

I have a whole little world in my brain

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Biographical data:
Name: Heather Jane Finch-Fletchley
Nicknames: Heather, Janiepoo, Fletchley, Heather Jane, Lampost, ginger
Quote: “we live on such a beautiful planet but in such an ugly world” ~ Anonymous
Age: 11-17 (usually rp/portrays as 16)
Parents: Justin Finch-Fletchley and muggle Isabella Finn
Blood: half-blood
Wand: Yew, 15”, unicorn hair
Siblings: tba
Birthday: December 2nd
Place of birth: London, England
Status: single and ready to mingle *awkward finger guns*
Sexual orientation: bisexual
Drinking: she doesn’t drink a lot she’s only ever done it once and the day after that she had such a terrible headache that she was unable to read. Needless to say she is never doing that again.
Occupation: Heather is a 6th year student who loves to read. She is also an intern in the library for a hobby but mostly works in the hospital wing with Madame Pomfrey as she wants to be a healer at St. Mungo’s when she gets out.
Hair: Bright red and orange that she dyes different colors every now and again
Eyes: a soft green with blue flecks
Height: tall, about 5’11”
Skin color: fair with many freckles that she hides with makeup on her face but they’re all over her body
Weight: 125lb
Build: thin and lean, but also curved and petite
Likes: Heather loves many things, but she loves her books that most. Heather also loves chocolate as it is God’s food(by her); heels as the make her feel beautiful and slender; adventures as they get her blood running; creatures as most are cuddly and adorable; and people because as she says “people are the strangest creatures of all”
Dislikes: Heather doesn’t hate many things but she does hate, bullying as we should be kind to everyone; when people think she’s inferior as she is taller and smarter than most (although she doesn’t like to brag); attention as she gets flustered easily; and spinach she despises spinach.
Personality: bubbly, funny, mad, sarcastic, fun, caring, selfless, slightly annoying, very curious, sweet, intelligent, can be snotty, sophisticated, can be childish, a bit of an ass if she wants to be
Backstory: tba
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