Cassia Summers

Rune Enthusiast.

24. 16/08. INFJ-T. Redhead. Writer. 'head in the clouds, feet on the ground, heart full of stars'. aka: arrowsbane, sugarpuff.

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Cassia "Sugarpuff" Summers.

24 | 16/08 | INFJ-T | Redhead | Writer
ADHD. Anxiety. Dysthmia.
aka: arrowsbane (tumblr/ao3)

I was a Hatstall between Hufflepuff and Slytherin, and it was the Badger in me that won.

I'm a curious person, and my hobbies reflect that; my area of expertise are plants and their medicinal properties - I like making medicine out of things that grow in the hedgerow. My passions are Herbology and Runes, and am curious about Arithmancy.

The only child of two half-bloods, and born barely a year before the second war broke out, I was lucky enough to be largely unaffected as my family relocated to the United States for a few years for work reasons. In all honesty, I don't really remember much of it at all.

“I’ll make them on request… or if I’m just inspired.”
If you're interested, shoot me an Owl saying so, and include a summary of the character/person it's for.
I do better with small things; impressions, feelings, hobbies, affiliations, things that define them.
I reserve the right to post these to my blog.
Jasmine | Image
Pandora | Image
Okami | Image
Genevieve | Image
Enoch A. Fawley | Image
Louie Deblanc | WIP
Tama Eladriyel Světlo | WIP
Cassandra van Helsing | WIP
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