Claudia Bella Riddle


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Blue Eyes
Black Hair
165cm tall
Resting mean face

Wand: Ebony, Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/2", surprisingly swishy flexibility.

Patronus: Goshawk

Would be Ilvermorny House: Pukwudgie

Dream Profession: Hogwarts or Ilvermorny Teacher (Potions, Transfiguration, Defence against the Dark Arts, Charms), Auror, Healer or School Nurse.

I am the daughter of Delphini, I've never known my father. I grew up quite lonely, hardly talking to anyone but my nanny and sometimes when my mother would come to see me, though since it onlz happened rarely I mostlz kept my nose firmlz stuck inside of a book. Though that changed when I came to Hogwarts and busied myself with all the classes, my favourites being Defence against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Potions, Astronomy, Charms and Transfiguration. I spend most of my free time at Hogwarts reading books the library has to offer and practicing jinxes and hexes. I hardly ever go home over the christmas and easter vacations, the onlz person waiting for me would be my mostly grumpy nanny, unless my mother found a way to tell me she would be home for vacation, in which case I would definetly come home. I don't have any siblings. No, I am not a Deatheater.

I have a barn owl, that I take with me to Hogwarts, called Pipiano. I also have a cat, which I keep home due to only being able to bring one pet to school with me, her name is Indigo, she has crystal-like white fur and deep violet eyes.
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