Ophelia Grace

Student and Seer

"Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore is winged Cupid painted blind."

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Ophelia Grace
5th Year

Ophelia was born in Greece under what her parents believed to have been the sign of Apollo in the form of a raven flying over her mother's bed. That's what they believed anyways, when she started seeing things that weren't there when she was five that led to predictions that always came true. This wasn't the beginning for Ophelia, who would later go on to be sorted into Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. Her magic grew stronger through studying, something that came naturally to her, and even though the mental images got muddled in translation, her predictions were always accurate, and they continued to be so, even after she was blinded in a tragic fire that killed her entire family the summer of her thirteenth year. After her return to Hogwarts during her fourth year, her visions came more frequently, and the girl found herself plagued by migraines and images of the downfall of the wizarding world. Her newfound disability, coupled with the loss of her family, left the formerly extroverted girl bereft of friends and her boyfriend Jared, plummeting her entire world into darkness. Ophelia isolated, spending most of her time in her room or the Room of Requirement, studying alone or playing the violin or piano. At the Yule Ball of her fifth year, the boyfriend who had left Ophelia after she went blind entered her life again: this time as a vicious attacker who stripped her of her innocence, her safety, and her sense of well-being. The months that followed were some of the most traumatizing in Ophelia's life, which almost ended completely when she jumped from a skyscraper in London, but through great sorrow came a great triumph in the form of her best friend and older brother figure, Ryan Meunier, who put an end to Jared's abuses and brought Ophelia back from the brink. She's in the rebuilding stage now, slowly but surely regaining her sense of self through tentative steps forward, learning to live in a world that isn't made for her, but one she wants to be in all the same.

"I do not understand this world. Sometimes, I feel as if I was not made for it, that the tangibility of my form is only an illusion created by my soul to guard itself from danger. But I am in the world and the world is in me, and somehow, I will conquer." -Ophelia Grace
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