Percival Blackwood


Hey, it's your resident insomniac Slytherin with a thing for flowers and potions and I frickin love musicals and art

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My name is Percival Blackwood, and I was sorted into Slytherin. I'm not sure why I was put into this house, but the sorting hat shouted it out immediately. It might have something to do with my manipulative nature. So far, Defense Against the Dark Arts is my favourite, and I really, really hate History of Magic. I'm a pureblood, and my parents are relatively wealthy. We own a small coffee house in Diagon Alley. Don't be surprised if you see some people in there that look like they shouldn't be. We keep them in line. My parents were young when Lord Voldemort attacked, but they kept to themselves. As purebloods, they had nothing to worry about. I suppose my greatest strength is my stamina. I can go for weeks without sleep, days without food, and several hours in a fight. Unfortunately, I also forget to sleep and eat, resulting in very poor health. Once I finish school, I aspire to be an auror. I've always loved the adventure that comes along with magic. Whether it's a spell that went wrong or dueling or tracking down another person, I love the rush. Oh, and how could I forget my pet! Hades is my screech owl. He can be a bit fiesty, but I don't blame him. So can I.

Wand: 10 3/4" Sycamore wood, pheonix feather core, slightly springy flexibility
Patronus: black cat
Amortentia: molé, bergamont, roses
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