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~ Warnings and other whatnot ~
This "back story" contains: Swearing, Sarcasm, Religion, Possibly something offensive and probably more warnings that I can't really think of.

Name: Oliver Cooper
Age: Depends on the RP ( 15 - 17 )
Patronus: Pheasant
House: Slytherin
Wand: Pear wood with a Unicorn hair core 13 ¾" and Pliant flexibility

Backstory: ((3rd Person))

Oliver Cooper came from a very wealthy family (Cliché I know), his Father was never around and Oliver got to see him very few times, as for his Mother, he saw her all the time, she was a very kind hearted lady who was always happy to see Oliver, In fact she was both devastated and excited when Oliver received his Hogwarts letter. Ever since Oliver was a little boy he's always dreamed about becoming an Auror (Cliché hush), he stills dreams of becoming one to this day. Oliver isn't very afraid of people and has a reputation to keep, not one of those bullying or fuckboy reputation although he can be a flirt, but a smart reputation. He has high grades and is constantly chewing on his trusty sidekick...... A pencil. HA! (I'm not funny). Oliver has very few friends because he'd rather be in the library or drawing in the common room, though he can be seen walking around lakes and playing Quidditch (The C word I've mentioned twice). Oliver is very secretive and independent, but he is loud and proud at the same time. He finds amusement in confusing people and sarcasm, all Oliver's teacher's dislike how he either behaves or his attitude, but he finds it quite funny. As I said before, Oliver is quite secretive, so any other information he would like to keep secret, but he might be able to make some exceptions.

Other things you wouldn't care about:

Sexuality: Preferably human ;)

Relationship status: T A K E N { By the wonderful Sleep. Ask me about our relationship, I dare you. }

Interests: Quidditch. RPing. Sport. Art. Reading. "Normal" people things.

Languages: Fluent sarcasm. English. Random Slang. Cool kid words. Swear words.

Humour?: I think I'm hilarious, I mean I make myself laugh so..... Yeah. I don't know if my humour would make you laugh.

Offensive?: When I'm in The Mood™
(Y'all better back tf up when I'm in The Mood™ or else you better catch these hands)

Awkward: Pfft...... Yes

Religious?: I believe Oreos are a gift from God, so duh. I'm also Christian.

Prized possession: Photo's, memories, a bag I bought from jay jays, red solo cup from my first party, this bracelet my friend got me.

Pet peeves: Obnoxious people, obnoxious chewers, when people don't understand your sarcasm, fake people, drama, bullies, broken phone chargers....

Birthday: 31st of December.

- Eyes : Black (Brown in sunlight)
- Freckles?: Light freckles on the face cheeks.
- Hair colour: Black (I'm boring Ik)
- Jawline: It's there.
- Body type: One with skin.
- Shirt: Probably just a band shirt or merch.
- Jersey: Either a big jumper that covers my hands or a good sized hoodie.
- Pants: Your average black jeans.
- Accessories: An anklet (I'm still in 2012), some other things maybe.

Music taste: TØP, Panic, Sia, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, Beyoncé (aka Queen Bee).

Talents: I can buy oreos within seconds... I can't remember the "other" ones.

Ollie (Those few people)
Oil (Luce & Rhi)
Liv (Satan)
Mr. Cooper (I'd call them posh people, but nah. Just people)
Princess ;) (Daddy ;))
Human sarcasm (My bitches ily)
Ramen (You know who you are, I'm going to kill you)
Winnie (Rhi)

Nicknames I call people:
Luce/Luci/Daddy (Lucifer Smith)
Cheeto Von Tweeto (Donald Trump)
Rhi (Rhianna Kalcon)
Tris/Dude/Man/Home (Tristian Hays)
Ramen (Those peeps with curly hair)
Daddy (Self explanatory)
Bitch/My bitches (My actual bitches)

Quotes I like:

"I'm batman"

"Get out your feelings hoe"

"Vine died, apparently with the my feelings towards you, back tf up"

"Please read terms and conditions before you accept"

"You're so fucking beautiful and if you don't realise how jealous I am of you then I'm gonna beat your dumbass"

"Smart asses are always better than dumbasses honey"

Some things I need to get off my chest:
- I swear so fucking much. You have no fucking idea, I've tried to mother fucking stop bet my bitch ass can't.
- I call A LOT of people daddy or something related to that. Sorry if it offends you, I'm just stupid. Ily
- If you want to talk or RP, please just hmu. I don't care if you're a dumb petty how I really don't.
-I'm actually kinda nice underneath all this swearing and idiotism is actually a semi nice person.
- I come off quite offensive sometimes
- Ilysm. You have no idea.

Okay now.
Let me show you something....

From here to.....

Here, is literally how big my future is, so yeah. Ily

So that was my moment of cringe. Hope you enjoyed that.
To be continued...... Maybe.
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