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I was sorted into Gryffindor because I'm quite short-tempered and recklessness, despite the fact that i sometimes(not most of the time) think things through. I wasn't really a hatstall but it had to decide between Hufflepuff, I'm loyal to those i consider as my friends and most of the time i play fairly, Slytherin, as i have mentioned before; i sometimes think things through and Gryffindor, where i'm short-tempered and don't think much of the things i do through. I love Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) and Transfiguration and i don't like the subject, History of Magic. I did well in Astronomy mainly because I'm a night owl and i'm fascinated with space. I'm a half-blood and quite proud of it. Most of the powerful wizards and witches are half-blood such as: Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, and Harry Potter. My mother's a pureblood and my father's a muggleborn. I got taught in both the pureblood manners and the muggle stuff as my parents thought it was important for me to learn about both worlds. My greatest strength at school is definitely DADA and my greatest weakness at school is History of Magic. Though, outside of school, my greatest weakness is being oblivious to things around me if it's not being stated. My dream job is either become a healer or an auror. I would like to have a master in DADA or potions. The part of magic that fascinates me the most is wandless and wordless magic, magical cores and bloodlines. I would like to use magic to help others and further my own ends. I have a pet owl called Storm and Storm is a friend to me. She is reliable and a bit clumsy (kind of like me). I have an older brother that's in Ravenclaw and he is in his fourth year.
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