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- I may have made Toony a tad bit OP but the idea was too good to throw away, I tried to give him significant weaknesses and downfalls as well. Hope it's evened out -

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'">『General』

↱&nbspFull Name:Findlay Tritten
| &nbspNickname/Alias:Toony, Toon, Fin, Finny
| &nbspOrigin:‘Toony’ was a nickname given to him by his
| siblings, but Dessie had originally come up with the
| idea, Bur and Cade only enforced it until the
| nickname stuck.
↳ &nbspTitle: Sometimes Dr. if he feels up to it

↱ &nbspGender: Male
| &nbsp &nbspReal Age: Mid 500s (Little over Ⅴ centuries)
↳ &nbspAge Appearance: 20

↱ &nbsp Languages: English, French, Italian, and some
| &nbsp Gaelic it seems (He knows the majority of
| &nbsp European/Indo-European languages, but those are
| &nbsp the ones he's most fluent in)
| &nbsp Accent: Mutt (Hybrid) mix of said languages
↳&nbsp Signature Quote: "What the fuck"

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'"> 『Relationships』

Mother: Catalina Tritten
Siblings: Burley and Cade - the twins - (14)

Bur (left) was the more logical of the two while Cade (right) was more head strong and reckless. Either way, they were both insanely adventurous, and somehow always managed to come back alive from their explorations (Bur had been charged to keep the duo out of trouble)

Dessie (16)

Dessie was just as creative and intelligent as Toony, but due to the social norms back then, people only saw her as a maid. Something that would live out their life producing babies and doing well as a house-wife. Truly tragic, medieval times were miserable times.

Parenting: Catalina wasn’t a big part of Fin’s life, the rest of the family brought food to the table while she had been a frowned-upon widow. Fin had learned to be independent from an early age. Despite this she had practically drilled chivalry into their heads. Politeness was a given in his household, along with loyalty and dedication.

Pets/animals: When Toony got the cat, her name was 'Miss Sprinkle-puss' (A family - with children - had owned her before had) but now Toony just calls her Gloria. She acts as his conscience, granted with the power of speech. She tries to aid her owner as much as possible, that and just making fun of him.

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'">『Looks』


If you don't want to read this just know Toony is a rather attractive male

Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Facial Type: Diamond, defined and high cheekbones. The skin seems to have caved in on itself (cheek), his jawline isn't too sharp or defined but its definitely there, meeting with his thin and rounded chin. Plumper lips and roman-ish nose.
Eye Color: Poisonous green, they almost seem to glow...
Hair Color: Peppered Onyx, grey highlights seem to be popping up lately. Nice touch though
Hairstyle: Wavy and on the longer side - hair comes to his ears - but his look is usually very tailored
Skin Tone: Pale, maybe even a little olive-y if we're exaggerating it
Complexion: Warm, in between tan and pale if you catch my drift
Body Type: Tall and lean, muscles are there but not entirely defined or recognizable. Ectomorph
Build: His arms are more muscled than his legs, shoulders are wider than his hips, smaller waist.
Height: Average sized, 5'9" (YES IM AVERAGE)
Birthmarks/scars: Purplish scar that failed to heal correctly travels down both top and bottom lips, a similar looking one swooping under his eye. These are both on the right side of his face.
Distinguishing Features: The green glowing, rune-like ring around his neck and the patterns/images indented in his palms seem to glow that same green as well. I suppose we could throw his equally as extravagant eyes in this category as well.

➊ A tiger whose stripes glisten with the same green glow, but when pissed off turn to a fire-like red
➋ A poisonous birdie called Hooded pitohui, green/red glowing talons

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'">『Characteristics』


Senses: Obviously his sense of touch has been diluted a bit due to the magic and it's heat, his eyesight seems to be wavering too (Old age I suppose)
Allergies: Dogs - their dandruff, more specifically. Werewolves and wolves also classify as a 'dog'
Addictions: Obviously it's creating shit (inventing)
Set off(s): Toony is highly sensitive to the obvious topic of his death, life before and of course the stories of the rune-like indentations. May take him a bit to reveal anything to stranger

Grooming: Well-kept, tailored
Habits and Mannerisms: Tracing the patterns/indents on his hands when nervous or unsettled, as well as an untamed jaw clenching (looks like his cheek appears to be twitching) and Toony has the habit of always bringing a watch with him where ever he goes. He rarely uses it, it stays in his pocket most the time.
Scent: Soaked leather and rust, it sticks to him pretty strongly
Wardrobe: Toony has to make his own magic sensitive clothes, his skin simply burns through everything else. The most desired piece is the gloves, now he can actually touch and create things without scorching them

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'">﹝Personality﹞

Due to his lack of socialization he is a bit introverted, and yet somehow charming. His humor is more dry and deadpan, but no one seems to complain, he's fine with it. Toony has always been a flirt, he's attractive, his victims know it, he knows it. The good thing is he isn't overly cocky about it. Most people are capable of standing him and his quirks. Being an inventor Toony is capable of intensely focusing on things, everything dulls out so just you and try to get his attention while he's working. He is a very organized being, he knows where everything is at any certain time and that's how he likes it. Toony has found that he is distrustful of others, living by the motto 'If you want something right, do it yourself'. Therefore, the only things he gets from others is food, money, and parts for his creations/lab. Other than that, Toony makes the majority of his own crap.

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'">⋆ Explanation of Abilities: ⋆


✴ Strengths: With his magic, Toony has a power of initially 'The force' in Star wars. Pulling, pushing, squeezing, etc. Along with that he can utilize any spell via his hands, without a wand basically. He heals twice as fast as a normal being (Without potions that is), unexplained physical strength and now 2 animagi
✴ Flaws: Skin is heated to an overwhelmingly high temperature, almost like acid. His flesh burns and eats away whatever he touches, All pain was accentuated (It's at least 3-4x more painful than before). When injured he bleeds a liquid of lava-like consistency, it glows that same eerie green (or red if pissed off) and burns/eats away whatever it touches as well. With the influx of magical ability he can't utilize port keys or other magic items, either.
✴ Note: The green of his palms, the ring around his neck and his eyes turn to a rageful red when Toony feels strong emotion, mainly anger though. Don't piss him off

<h0 style="font-family:'Courier New'">《Backstory》


Fin had a rather dull life before his untimely demise. He'd been born into the rough medieval times, only the strongest of physical and mental strength could survive while the weak - much like his father - met their own end to disease or violence. Nature’s law was scarce, almost no one in his small town died of ‘old age’ or natural causes. There was always something contributing to the suffering. Fin had been the oldest out of all the siblings, with the sweet Little Dessie second and coming in last was the twins - both boys with the names of Burley and Cade coming in last. Fin’s mother was forced to stop at four children, fore her husband and Fin’s dad was bested by a plague shortly after Dessie came into the world. Widows were considered a disgrace, this social norm causing her children to bring in money and food. Fin worked in the fields with his brothers as his sister worked as a maid, they didn’t make much but just enough for them and their mother to survive on. Aside from working all day, Fin was an inventor. He could imagine and piece together things like no one else he knew off, creating smaller, useful or simply entertaining machinery with whatever he could get his hands on. His siblings deemed him “Toon’ or ‘Toony’, a nickname that stuck like gorilla glue. Fortunately Toony was able to make some profit off of his creations and soon enough he caught someone’s fortunate eye. Toony met a Dr. Hengril (His nickname was humorously ‘Hen’ ), a magical inventor who claimed that Toony was looking very promising. According to Toony’s new mentor he was showing the early signs of magical ability, Fin was supposedly a Wizard. A wizard with a remarkable ability to create things with his hands - not dependent on magic.

Now ‘Hen’ was a rather despicable man, but obviously not at first glance. First of all he was in search of a lab assistant and Second of all he was in search of a power source he could wean magic off of - Toony fit the bill. He was naive enough to accept Hen’s offer, leaving his family to work with this new mentor for the next few years of his life. Hen had created a machine capable of - for lack of better wording - suck the magical ability from someone, processing it so it was ‘pure’. It appeared to be a green, mist like gas that the doctor kept tucked away in a concealed tank, using it to enchant his creations such as small mechanical creatures (robots), utilized tools, and even weapons and clothes. At the time neither were aware of what a wand was or how to build one, all the had was their hands and now, Hen’s tank of pure magic.

The more often Toony spent near that machine in the doctor’s and his lab space, the weaker he got. That magic Hen was extracting was a part of him - apart of his soul. The doctor was absent mindlessly killing him. Now, it wasn’t until the boy began collapsing and fainting on the daily, his complexion ghostly pale before he knew what the extractor was doing to Toony. It was really too late, Toony’s original life ended as he collapsed conveniently near that same machine.

Now, Fin doesn’t remember this day in the slightest. Neither does anyone else in that town, convenient...hmm? In short there was a struggle, after finding out of Toony’s suspicious death his brothers had gone up to confront that old bugger, Hen. There was a very obvious struggle, beakers, papers, machine parts were strewn all over, counter tops and their lab work destroyed. During this, a crack was created in that magical capturing tank. It leaked, having almost a mind of it’s own as it pushed the glass aside and found the nearest host - Toony. The entirety of Hen’s pure magic collection entered the poor boy - keep in mind all this magic wasn’t just Toony's. Other wizard and witches had fallen due to that doctor and his greed. In turn, magic fitted for more than 6 people entered him, his body was almost instantly revived. A thin ring of green was embedded into the skin around his neck, the flesh on his palms snapping and breaking to create chasm-like indentations that created various patterns and shapes. They both glowed like that vibrant green mist that had taken him over.

Unmatched magical ability of more than 6 witches and wizards, Toony had grown into something extraordinary. His sheer power explained in its simplest form would be like ‘The force’ in the star wars trilogy, capable of completing any task a wand could do with his mind and then some. Wounds could heal in double time and he could seem to lift at things at least 3-4x his body weight. Two of the witches/wizard’s magical ability that he had absorbed had animagi, the most prominent and used one being his tiger. The influx of magic even extended his years, around 5 centuries old now and Toony still seems to be kicking! There were so many new advantages that of course with all this, there were major disadvantages. His skin was heated to an acid-like temperature, burning and eating up anything and everything he touched. All pain was accentuated to an unnecessary amount, for example a paper cut could be an equivalent to someone bringing a blade down to his bone. He bleeds a green ( or red depending on phase of the magic ) or red-like lava that like his skin, burns and eats everything in sight - save his body. Pure silver (Used in weapons or armor) is practically his kryptonite.

He now tries to utilize his ‘powers’ as a freelancer/assassin type, doing what he is apparently best at. Making money and putting food on the table.

- Grew lazy towards the end of this, apologies

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