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After being chased and attacked for many years by Mr. Voldemort and his creatures from Hogwarts, by Mr. Dracula and his wives, by Macbeth's witches, by Black crows, by wolves of the Red Riding Hood and dark characters of all fantasy stories you might think are fiction, I decided to start my magical fight from Gryffindor House of Hogwarts. My father is Solomon as known in Theology. His fight with darkness led him to fight in disguise of a Lion loved by myself, and Tiger, Leopard et cetera. He is a revolutionary. I am myself a revolutionary. We did free people owned by the evil of Satan and we will continue breaking curses and spells. Imagine about the many people trapped in stories that you all read as children's stories of UK, Europe, USA for example father grim's stories and so on. China does not have the stories. Russia has adult stories.

Alice knew about the key to the door. Fans of classic children story writers please do not confuse yourselves and your enthusiasm of story writing to participate in our revolution and change. We do feel we want to use the authority to exclude you and your partners. Furthermore accountability of all pseudo activists, revolutionaries, feminists, writers, social workers we want to do very soon. Therefore please self-analyse of how you usurped the place of the actual revolutionary to live your life.

PS: Students referring to my revolutions as claims can verify. I and my father are representing and helping people across the world for their human rights and others for their humanity.

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Despite living in Edinburgh and receiving a Hogwarts letter, I was stuck being homeschooled. Scrofungulus is no picnic, let me tell you! The fairly contagious infection causes multicolored mushrooms to sprout from odd places on the neck and, at least in my case, occasionally spark. It took several years to finally clear up the infection, and my voice is soft as a whisper, but I didn’t spend that time just laying around. I spent time researching the ailment, of course, and I’m just glad I didn’t come down with something worse, like Vanishing Sickness! I was able to complete my O.W.Ls and N.E.W.T.s just a year behind schedule and began my post-secondary education when I was eighteen. If you haven’t guessed, I work on the Second Floor in the Magical Bugs and Diseases department.
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