Jane Belrose


Just your average Hufflewudgie~

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<body><font face='stylish'><font color="#e4b604">House:</font> Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie
<font color="#e4b604">Dorm:</font> Amity (Open!) ⇽ Click on link!
<font color="#e4b604">Blood Status:</font> Muggle-Born
<font color="#e4b604">Wand:</font> Willow, Phoenix Feather, 12 1/2" Quite bendy
<font color="#e4b604">Patronus:</font> Occamy
<font color="#e4b604">Occupation:</font> Student (2nd year)
<font color="#e4b604">Aspiration:</font> Undecided
<font color="#e4b604">Favorite Class:</font> Transfiguration
<font color="#e4b604">Languages Spoken:</font> English (native), French (intermediate)
<font color="#e4b604">Myers-Briggs:</font> INFJ - The Advocate
<font color="#e4b604">Enneagram:</font> Type 5 - The Investigator
<font color="#e4b604">History:</font> (W.I.P.)
<center>Belrose Family Tree</center>
Jane Ève Belrose was born in New Orleans to Luc and Sophia Belrose. When she was 6, her family decided to move to Québec where she entered the Canadian schooling system as a supposed No-Maj; however, when she was 10 years old, it became apparent that she was, indeed, a witch. It all started when she developed a cold. Nothing was out of the ordinary. She had a slight fever, a runny nose, and a sore throat. Then, she began to sneeze bubbles. Her parents were dumbfounded. Luc quickly called his sister, Aurélie. Although he was a Muggle, she was Muggle-Born, and was thus, the family expert in all things magic.

There was no denying that Jane was a witch. It was decided that she had to attend some sort of magical school. Aurélie even set aside some time the summer before registration and began integrating Jane into the wizarding world. She took her to Europe, starting off with Diagon Alley. Aurélie paid for Jane's wand, which was discovered to be a combination of willow and phoenix feather -- a rare combination which was only to be expected out of a Belrose.

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