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gay boi

Fuck help

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*Insert quirky shit here*

Just fyi I don't really roleplay I'm mostly on this site as a place where I can actually talk about stuff I want to talk about (mainly lgbt+ stuf). I don't really have that opportunity irl so ya...

House: Ravenclaw
Year: 4? I don’t really care about years.
Wand: Alder wood with a Unicorn hair core 13 ¾" and Hard flexibility
Patronus: Marsh Harrier
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: I don’t know, seems kinda gay to me
Blood: Half Blood
Where I live: Denver Area (Colorado)


"You saw some weird shit...holy fucknuggets" -Rhys

"but then the bitch™ came back" -Idk their hih name.

"Moisturizer is gay." -Mac

"I have a heart that doesn't know who to love. I'm queer and I'm proud to be me."-Kaelynn

"Y’all are blessed with a small amount of my power. And if you combine that with anime, oh boy, you have reached a new dimension of gayness XD" -Kira

Btw don’t be afraid to owl me I'm relatively tolerable.

Holly shit i'm boring help
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