Louis Matthew Pierce

Spell Researcher

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When I was born something, wasn't quite right. I could always feel it, this sense of wrongness that always followed me. I spent most of my childhood trying to figure out why I felt so awkward and uncomfortable all the time. When I was eight I figured it out, I was trans. My parents were pretty supportive and sent me to St. Mungos to be treated. Ever since I was young I've always been fascinated by why spells work. I was bright for my age and was always asking questions that no one could answer. As I got older my curiosity never went away, if anything, it became almost an obsession. My parents always expected that I'd be sorted into Ravenclaw when I went off to Hogwarts, unfortunately the sorting hat had another idea. It was quite a shock to everyone when I got sorted into Slytherin, my mum actually sent a howler to the school to demand I be sorted again. I was disowned that year. While at Hogwarts I didn't make many friends, between being a snake, trans, the top of my class, and being known for having some nasty jinxes up my sleeve, people tended to avoid me. It was pretty lonely, but it was also good, because that way I didn't annoy anyone with my rambling. When I left Hogwarts I immediately got a license to research spells and set off to roam the globe. I've traveled to many exotic, and often dangerous places, but every scrape I've gotten into has been worth it. The Ministry often calls on me when a spell they've never encountered pops up. I don't make a lot of money, but for me it was never about the money, I'm just happy I get to follow my interests.
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